Game 4 Group B – Greece versus Nigeria

For more on Georgios Samaras and the Greek team at Euro 2012, click here.

Samaras could do with a shave and a haircut but his inclusion midway through the first half sparked the Greeks to life

PEEEEEEP PEEEEP PEEP. Greek get their first win in world cup football. They’re tied for second in the group with South Korea. The third round games in Group B will be HELLA exciting!

93:00 – Nigerian defense fell asleep and Eneyama has to make a diving save to keep the score line 2-1.

92:00 – WOW…one of the Nigerian coaches is sleeping in the background…YOU KIDDING ME!

91:00 – Kudos to Matt B for giving us the breakdown of the group and a couple what if scenarios in the comment section.

4 minutes of extra time.

89:00 – Greece have impressed today I feel. They came out of their defensive shell to really put the sword to the Nigerians.

88:00 – Cousin It (Samaras) gets a yellow card for a dangerous challenge.

83:00 – Uche tries his luck from afar. It’s a good shot but always wide.

79:00 – Ninis on Gekas off (so nice to have to type simple names 😉 )

77:00 – If Eneyama has an chinks in his armor it’s the fact that he parries back into the middle of the pitch when he saves. He does it again but this time Nigeria clear for a corner.

76:00 – Greece full of confidence now as Karagounis has at it from afar but just wide. Yakubu counters with a similar shot on the other end.

75:00 – Echiejile know walking around with a limp.

74:00 – Nigeria still have a slim chance of going through even if they lose. The would have to beat Korea by 3 I believe.

71:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAL – TORISIDIS. Eneyama makes his first mistake as he parries a shot in front of him and Torosidis comes in and smashes the rebound into the back of the net. Nigeria 1 – Greece 2

69:00 – A GREAT SAVE by Eneyama who has been the keeper of the tournament so far as off the corner, Samaras heads into the top corner but the Nigerian net minder dives high and to his left and pushes the ball away from danger.

68:00 – A little confusion in the Nigerian defense allows Gekas a free header but Yobo heads for a corner.

59:00 – CRAZY…A terrible  header by Yobo gifts the ball to Gekas but Eneyama was immense and saved it. Nigeria counter immediately and Yakubu has a one on one with Tzorvas, who does not want to be outdone by his counterpart makes a great save, but the ball bounces to Ogbuke who with an empty net sends the rebound wide.

56:00 – Taiwo is off with an injury and is replaced Echiejile.

54:00 – This is becoming end to end stuff (never would have imagined that i would written that when the game started) as Nigeria send a great cross by Greece out for a corner. Off it Kyrgiakos sends in a header that is well saved by Eneyama.

50:00 – Nigeria get a chance of a cheeky cross/shot but the Greek keeper pushes it over the bar.

46:00 – Nigeria kick off by taking a shot from the center circle It was surprisingly accurate.

Ogbuke comes on for Odemwingie.

PEEEEEEP PEEEP. Thats half. Well this is turning into a lot more of an exciting game with the first goal and then the sending off. All tied up!

46:00 – Kaita’s moment of madness really hurting his national side right now.

44:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAL. A deflected goal as Salpingidis hits a stinging drive that hits the back of Haruna’s foot and wrong foots Eneyama. Nigeria 1 – Greece 1

41:00 – Greece really pressuring now as off a corner, Samaras flicks it toward the corner but Haruna mans his post well and clears.

41:00 – The question has arisen here at TSG studios, do keepers where cups? I say no.

40:00 – Great save from Eneyama as he takes over from where he left off in the Argentina game as he saves from Salpingidis who latches on to a wonderful one timed pass.

37:00 – Well they’re showing intent by sending on Cousin It’s child, Samaras for defender Papastathopoulos. Samaras is a fine striker for Celtic

36:00 – Can Greece, a defensive team by nature take advantage of the extra man?

33:00 – RED CARD. Kaita. He retaliates by pushing and kicking out at a Greek midfielder and now is sent off.

30:00 – Game is coming to a bit of a lull…mainly cause the Greek keeper isn’t involved as much. Greece really need a goal. It will certainly open things up.

22:00 – Sadly it hits the ball. We were hoping the keeper would use the cross bar as a parallel bar and do some flips or something equally as crazy.

20:00 – Another free kick for Nigeria. What will happen with this one?

18:00 – Some incredibly lack luster keeping from Tzorvas as he palms an easy ball out for a corner. Is the fix in we wonder at TSG studios? According to my email, there are a lot of rich Nigerians who have money but need me to hold on to it by giving them some more money, so they could clearly have paid of the Greek keeper.

16:00 – GOOOOOAALLLL off the free kick by Uche. Looks like someone pressed the wrong button on the goal keeper control as he dove away from the bouncing ball which ended up in the back of the net. That was highly entertaining. Nigeria 1 – Greece 0

15:00 – Papastathopoulos with a yellow card for a foul on Odemwingie.

10:00 – Greece surprisingly with the majority of possession and the more attacking play.

7:00 – Both teams are very physical, so expect a lot fouls and not much offensive play…sigh

5:00 – Nothing off to much interesting happening so far.

TWEEEEEET and they’re off.

Ruiz, a giant among referee’s in stature at least


The ref (Oscar Ruiz) is SOOOOO much bigger than his lines men and the 4th official


Line ups

Greece: 12-Alexandros Tzorvas; 11-Loukas Vyntra, 16-Sotiris Kyrgiakos, 15-Vassilis Torosidis, 6-Alexandros Tziolis, 8-Avraam Papadopoulos, 19-Socratis Papastathopoulos, 10-Giorgos Karagounis, 21-Kostas Katsouranis; 14-Dimitris Salpingidis, 17-Fanis Gekas.

Nigeria: 1-Vincent Enyeama; 17-Chidi Odiah, 6-Danny Shittu, 2-Joseph Yobo, 3-Taye Taiwo, 12-Kalu Uche, 20-Dickson Etuhu, 15-Haruna Lukman, 14-Sani Kaita, 8-Yakubu Aiyegbeni, 11-Peter Odemwingie.


Well a must win for either team if they want a chance to get into the next round. Both these teams with 0 points but with Argentina winning earlier, all three times have a chance.

20 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KMac on 2010/06/17 at 8:03 AM

    Wow, I can’t believe the commentators were asking for responsibility from the referee. Clearly the player, Kiata was the one who should have been more responsible. Striking at an opposing player is one of the clearest rules, and fastest way to the showers and suspension.
    That said it is a shame.


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/17 at 8:11 AM

      hmmm maybe I misheard but I though the commentators were suggesting that the ref needed to do something about the incident and not let Kaita get away with…at least that’s how I took it.

      If the lose, Kaita is certainly to blame.


    • Posted by itally on 2010/06/17 at 8:14 AM

      I took it the same way as KMac — that they were suggesting the ref let it go w/o a red card.


  2. Posted by Tom M on 2010/06/17 at 8:20 AM

    That was exciting stuff there! Both teams should have scored


  3. Posted by Matt B on 2010/06/17 at 8:27 AM

    Even with the red card, I think it bodes well for the rest of the games if a game involving Greece is this wide open. With all those ties and low-scoring wins in the first round of games, I think teams finally realize they can advance with wins.


  4. Posted by Tom M on 2010/06/17 at 8:27 AM

    Salpingidis (sp?) the # 14 has some Gattuso in him.


  5. Posted by Tom M on 2010/06/17 at 8:33 AM

    Although on a much more difficult shot that looked a little Green’s misplay.


  6. Though the foul was dumb and unfortunately a pretty clear call by the referee, the Greek player writhing on the ground in pain after being nicked in the leg is why people in the States make fun of soccer. Thanks for helping the sport there buddy. Please at least fall WHEN you’re kicked next time, not after.


    • Posted by Tom M on 2010/06/17 at 8:44 AM

      Completely agree. I HATE that part of the game. I played competitive soccer from age 5 through college. I never play acted and never would. Footballers need more of a hockey mentality.


    • Posted by BW on 2010/06/17 at 10:21 AM

      and he gets up completely unscathed the second the ref pulls out red.


  7. Posted by Matt B on 2010/06/17 at 8:46 AM

    If this score holds:

    Argentina 6 pts +4
    South Korea 3 pts -1
    Greece 3 pts -1
    Nigeria 0 pts -2

    If Argentina beats Greece 1-0
    Argentina 9 +5
    Greece 3 -2
    Then incredibly, Nigeria just needs to beat South Korea 1-0 to advance
    Nigeria 3 -1
    South Korea 3 -2


  8. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/17 at 9:11 AM

    While the scenarios may be intersting, the match was not. I really don’t see how S. Korea don’t qualify from this group, but who knows if Argentina will really come to play. Greece has nothing without a man advantage.


    • Posted by Soccernst on 2010/06/17 at 9:23 AM

      Nigeria v S.Korea with everything on the line. That is a game to watch. I have no idea, but picked SK to advance 2nd so I’ll stick with it.


  9. Posted by lilly on 2010/06/17 at 9:43 AM

    What the hell do you mean by so nice to have simple type names? Clearly these must be the only greek names you know because greek names are long and difficult to pronounce


  10. Posted by John on 2010/06/17 at 10:01 AM

    9 goals through the first 7 games in the first round (the Mourinho round)

    11 goals through the first 3 games in the second round


  11. Posted by Damon on 2010/06/17 at 10:24 AM

    So who is going to pay Eneyama big bucks after this? The rebound was unfortunate but he really did keepp them in that match


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