Don’t Tread Challenge 2011: Entry #3: The Moment

USA vs. Honduras again? It's possible...

Cranking back up the 2011 hype machine here at TSG. Stoking the engine with golazo burgers courtesy of the USMNT.

The Don’t Tread Challenge is TSG’s search for for the most insanely awesome video that gets fans fired up about USMNT heading this year into the Gold Cup 2011.

Voting will take place in May.


Entry #3: The Moment

by Mike Brienza

About the creator: Asked to provide two bullets on himself, Mike simply had this to say:

I am a freshman at Ohio University and have played soccer all my life. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and I’ll support the Columbus Crew and the USMNT till the day I die.

Fair enough Mike.

13 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by MesaATLien on 2011/02/24 at 4:32 PM

    Heck yes.

    I watched this video earlier today, and it just makes me pissed that I’ll be stuck in school this summer. But no worries.

    I will be rocking one “Dempsey” jersey and hanging an American and US Soccer flag from my dorm window.


  2. Very nice work.

    I’m pathetic enough that I still get choked up watching some of those scenes. What am I going to do when we win the World Cup?


    • we are going to sob tears of joy for about a week straight matt.

      i just realized ive never seen the entire us algeria game on tv. I need to do that.

      awesome video, my fav so far for sure.


      • I didn’t get to see the game live, but I ended up watching the entire game late that night when ESPN replayed it. I didn’t even intend to watch the whole thing. The power of the game just draws you in.


      • Posted by Colin on 2011/03/01 at 9:31 AM

        the winning goal in that game was a thing of beauty..

        90:00 had passed on the match clock, Algeria was on the attack, took a close range header, Howard collected, threw the ball half the length of the field to Donovan who was on the run, 2 touches, pass to altidore out wide, firs touch short pass to dempsey in center of box, first touch shot, blocked, donovan rebound to score the winner and set the place off.

        I was there for it all and that span of about 20 seconds of play and 45 minutes of celebration made the whole trip worth it.


  3. Posted by usmntwinwclol on 2011/02/24 at 5:32 PM

    u prob dont need to worry about that, matt.


  4. Posted by Kray17 on 2011/02/24 at 6:09 PM

    I love the footage but it’s nothing new. I’ve seen it all before, plus the clips repeat themselves. BUT YES, those are awesome clips. I think every video I’ve seen has Dempsey looking up in slow mo.


  5. Posted by Rich84 on 2011/02/25 at 1:55 PM

    Does anybody know if their was and TV interview or Good Morning America show where the guy crying in the stands was interviewed or something. I think that was the moment of the world cup


  6. Posted by nelson on 2011/02/25 at 6:16 PM

    i totally got chills watching the video. the only game we lost was the one i didn’t see live. call me superstitious but, i’ll make sure to catch all our games live next time…also the dutch one every game when i wore orange. needless to say i didn’t wear orange for the final. couldn’t root against the octopus…


  7. Posted by KP on 2011/02/25 at 9:25 PM

    Best one so far…no offense to the others, but this gets my vote to date.


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