Live commentary – USA versus England – Womens friendly

Hope Solo back in goal after surgery in September.

Well that was great and I can’t wait for the World Cup. Look for more coverage of the USWNT and women’s soccer in the up coming months.

TWEEEET TWEEET TWEET. And what a momentous win for England. USA’s 52 game unbeaten run in friendlies is broken as England play a great first half and good controlled second half. USA like their men started off slow and could never quite get back into it. Alex Morgan and O’Reilly were inspiring in the second half, but too little too late.

93:00 – Box goes down in the penalty area but a good call by the referee. She was looking for it. US relentless here but England are up for the task

92:00 – US win a corner and Lloyd sends in a shot that Unitt blocks. Another corner for the US but Bardsley holds onto it well.

3 minutes of extra time. A huge upset in the making here. Can England hold on or will the US get a late equalizer?

90:00 – US getting many more chances and controlling the second half, but their efforts are wide or easily dealt with.

88:00 – US win a free kick in a dangerous area, but Tobin’s effort goes agonizingly across the goal mouth. It needed a touch, but England get a goal kick.

86:00 – US pass well in open play, but Cheney’s ball is cleared well by Williams. Alex Morgan then gets the ball and sends a curling effort just wide.

82:00 – England continue to attack on the flanks, but their latest effort is ruled an offside.

80:00 – Heather O’Reilly sends an absolute gorgeous pass over the top to Alex Morgan who controls beautifully, but her effort on the bounce goes over the bar. Impressive stuff that!

78:00 – US really pressing now as Bardsley comes out but misses and Alex Morgan is there again, but stumbles over and Bardsley gathers the ball up.

76:00 – Exciting stuff here as Carli Lloyd sends in a stunner of a shot, that Bardsley palms in front of her. Alex Morgan pops up, but her off balanced shot is easily gathered by the England number 1.

75:00 – Yankey off for England and Carney is on. The US defenders breath a sigh of relief as she was terrorizing them with her speed and ball control

73:00 – Morgan is nicely set through by Cheney as gets to the byline and sends in a delicious ball, but the box is empty of US players.

72:00 – And immediately at the other end, White goes for goal as she is sandwiched by two US defenders, but her shot is a weak one and easily gathered by Solo.

71:00 – Huge chance gone awry for the US as an awful back pass by Unitt sets up O’Reilly one on one, but she scuffs the ball wide. She should have done a lot better.

69:00 – Announcer says there are over 9000 people at the game. That’s good stuff and WOOO HOOO, Alex Morgan is in. Can she continue with the role of super sub! Tobin also comes on as well.

68:00 – Hope Solo is called into action as she comes out to grab the ball from an on rushing Clarke. Good initiative from the US keeper.

66:00 – Heather O’Reilly seems to have had a shot of Red Bull and is all over the pitch and making things happen. She runs into the box and sends and inviting pass in but it goes out for a corner. From the corner, the ball bounces around and the final shot goes over the bar. Lucky for that for England.

65:00 – O’Reilly does well to win the ball and moved the ball forward, but has a momentary lapse of reason and tries a shot from distance that trickles well wide.

64:00 – Good skill by Ellen White as she expertly controls a free kick, turns and shoots, but the shot is off target. Good skill and play from the Arsenal Lady.

62:00 – US win a free kick, but US goal scorer Rapinoe sends it into row Z. Wambach is replaced by Cheney. Wambach seems to be playing with a niggling injury.

60:00 – The game has lost some of its openness from the first half, as England are hunkering down a little more and looking for the counter. The US need to be careful though, as they English players are certainly speedier.

56:00 – Darke claims they liken Ellen White to Wayne Rooney in that she is tenacious and tough. That’s about it I hope, cause Rooney has the sort of face that makes babies cry.

53:00 – England are playing well up top as well. Their speedy forwards are unnerving the US backline as Yankey and White are getting around the wing backs with ease.

49:00 – US starting the second half brightly, as they send wave upon wave off attacks. The final ball though lacks a bit of class and England can clear easily.

47:00 – Bardsley makes a great save from a Rodriguez shot. The US do a quick free kick and the resulting cross finds Rodriguez in a lot of space. Good all round play that.

PEEEP: Hope Solo is back in goal after almost a year. Great moment for her as the US start the second half.

Well, a huge upset in the making, but the US are beginning to find their feet and are showing why they are the number one ranked team in the world. Second half should be quite tasty!

46:00 – The goal has certainly switched the momentum as the US are playing with an invigored confidence. England are defending well, but would love to hear the half time whistle….and there it is.

44:00 – Kelli Smith playing as a true number 10 is all over the place for England. The veteran striker adds a lot of experience as she is flanked by two 21 year olds in Yankey and White.

39:00GOOOOAAAAAL – Rapinoe. She brings the ball up herself and the English defenders just let her scamper through as she unleashes a daisy cutter in the bottom corner and into the back of the net. Nice shot. England 2 – USA 1

35:00 – England relentless as Clarke wins another corner, but the kick is easy for Barnhart to control.

32:00 – Williams with another good free kick, but again goes over the bar. Nice free kick skill from the English defender.

29:00 – US keep charging and win a couple of corners, but England defend well. The roles seem to be reversed as England are playing like the favorite team. The US seem to be rattled and can’t seem to control the game the way they are used too.

Rachel Yankey scores a beautiful second goal for England.

26:00 – GOOOOOALLLL by Rachel Yankey. What a gorgeous goal from start to finish. Kelly Smith brings the ball all the way from her own half and waltzes un-touched just outside the US box and slots a lovely pass that Yankey controls and unleashes and unstoppable left foot drive in the top corner. England 2 – USA 0

24:00 – Ellen White for England has got some legs as she speeds past her defender and brings the ball back for Williams, but her long distance shot goes straight into the sure hands of Barnhart.

20:00 – The US like their male counter parts look dangerous on set pieces. The English defense deals with the attacks well and clear the ball.

18:00 – Williams sends a gorgeous free kick goal wards, that Barnhart pushes off the top bar. For some reason that was not a corner. Good save by the US keeper but an even better free kick from the English defender.

17:00 – O’Reilly shows a lovely bit of skill to keep the ball in and then dribble three players and caps it off by sending a gorgeous chip to Wambach, but the US forward is offside. Nice skill from Heather O’Reilly.

16:00 – Clarke receives a beautiful cross ball and wins a corner for England, but it comes to nothing. The US really need to regroup.

13:00 – The US pass the ball nicely, but their long ball lacks the necessary verve to trouble the English defenders.

11:00 – England look speedy down the flanks as White and Smith are terrorizing and getting behind the US back line. Like the USMNT, the women seem to be slow starters as well.

9:00 – US come right back and win a free kick. Lloyd, line sit up but sends in a pile driver right into the wall.

8:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAL – Jess Clarke for England. The attack came from the wings. Scott sends in a lovely through ball and the US fail to clear it out and the ball lands invitingly to Clarke who hammers it home. England 1  – USA 0

USWNT midefield dynamo, Carli Lloyd controls the engine for the US.

7:00 – Comparison again – England bring the ball up from their half and their defender (sorry names are not familiar just yet) is clearly fouled and instead of going down, keeps going forward. Sorry, but the men’s game, the player would have been sprawled out! Girls are tougher or at least not divers!

5:00 – Yanky takes a corner for England and Clarke gets  a touche on it and it barely goes over the bar. Close one for the US.

3:00 – England, overwhelming underdogs in this match, showing early promise as they attack down the wings and sending inviting balls into the box. The US defending well.

1:00 – So ”m going to my best to not compare the men’s game to the women’s game or both the men’s national teams, but already the USWNT showing better passing abilities then their male counter parts.

TWEEEEET: England kick it off!


AWESOME. Looks like the fans are getting into it as the English fans seem to be taunting the US ones, as they sing the national anthem. Good to see the passion and atmosphere in the stands as it will no doubt be shown on the pitch. Good job by ESPN to get Ian Darke. I actually think Julie Foudy is pretty good and liked her at the world cup, but Darke gives this a little bit of oomph!


Only 1 kid each exchanged for this game as the national anthems are belted out.

TSG favorite, Alex Morgan is on the bench. Hopefully we will get to see her as the game progresses.


Line ups from London:

US –  4-4-2: Barnhart; Rampone, Lepeilbet, Boxx, Rodriquez, O’Reilly, Lloyd, Krieger, Rapinoe, Buehler, Wambach.
England – 4-3-3: Bardsley; Scott, Unitt, Williams, White, Stoney, Clarke, Scott, White, Smith, Yankey.


Tonight in ol’ blighty, the rivalry between the two allies will continue, though in the womens game, the US are typically always the favorite. England have largely been anonymous in the womens game but in the last couple of years have come on strong and have qualified for the upcoming World cup.


Hello All

This is mine and TSG’s first foray into live match commentary for the USWNT. Over the past year we’ve interviewed several players, but in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in Germany, we’re going focus a lot more of our efforts on the Women’s game.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jennifer on 2011/04/02 at 12:54 PM

    Nice goal by Rampone.


  2. Posted by Jennifer on 2011/04/02 at 1:06 PM

    Wow, it’s weird to see Scurry not in a goalie’s jersey.


  3. Posted by Cameron on 2011/04/02 at 1:22 PM

    Come on, girls. You’re the US Soccer team that’s supposed to do all of the winning!


  4. Posted by Jennifer on 2011/04/02 at 1:40 PM

    Bad play by the English defender and O’Reilly should have a goal. Wow all around.


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