The 11th Minute Salute For Steve Zakuani

The tradition continues….

A stirring tribute to injured winger Steve Zakuani as the Seattle faithful give a call-and-response Saturday at home in the 11th minute of their 3-0 win over Toronto FC to the player who’s leg was snapped in two last weekend.

Zakuani, on twitter: “Experienced the most emotional 1 min of my life today.”

Very cool to see this tradition continuing especially for Steve. One day TSG will relate the tale of how the Charlie Davies salute came to past (let us know if you want to here). The genesis of it was started with… brother.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Moving stuff. Damn shame but he’ll be okay- young man, lots of time to heal.


  2. Yes, TSG. Please tell us the story of the CD9 tribute. A deserving tale!


  3. Posted by Kevin on 2011/05/01 at 2:19 PM

    What’s more dissapointing than this one specific incident is that tackles like that are made game in and game out, but unless someone with a high profile gets hurt, the league doesn’t really do anything. As soon as a player with a big fan base is hurt or the media/community makes a big deal (rightfully so), the league reacts to them. The league should be in control and stand their ground, not let others decide. If they are, they need to do a better job of punishing those tackles that don’t injure but certainly could, and those tackle that cause minor injuries to minor players.

    Is consistency so hard to ask for?

    Hopefully Zakuani can make a recovery as quick as he is.


  4. Posted by Carr Schilling on 2011/05/01 at 2:59 PM

    Of course we want to hear the genesis of the CD9 chant. Bring it.


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