Yin-Yang: Boateng & Ballack

Just last year, Kevin Prince Boateng was playing at the train wreck dubbed Porstmouth FC. During a critical FA cup showdown, he put down the captain of Germany, Michael Ballack, out for the World Cup courtesy a tackle by the Ghanian on Ballack’s ankle.

Now? That moment was the inflection point as Kevin Prince Boating yesterday celebrated (see video below) AC Milan’s Scudetto victory in style while Ballack has been relegated to spot duty by Bayer Leverkusen for this campaign.

Feature: On Michael Ballack.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/05/17 at 9:06 AM

    Karma-pure and simple.
    Though a Chelsea fan for many years, I could never love Ballack as a player. I respected his abilities but hated his tactics. He’s the worst kind of pseudo tough guy, the one who goes into every tackle with malice and extra’s, and then is the first to flop and ref bait at the first sign of contact. His reign of terror as Germany’s captain was marked by obvious hatred for him and his inflated ego. He made a spectacle of himself during and after the WC with his public slap at Lahm after the successful WC. And don’t forget the Terry-like scandal where he screwed a teammates GF.
    I watched the Boateng tackle live and still think that there is a lot of back story to it but also that a guy who had no problem dishing it out and with intent to harm had experienced karma of the first degree.


  2. Posted by Desiree on 2011/05/18 at 12:16 AM

    You don’t have to love the guy, you only have to watch and admire.


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