Video: Mens & Womens Going Off

Two vids for you. The first? Abby Wambach, not kicking any copiers. (Question: Couldn’t ESPN have used a different star here for a change? Maybe Heather O’Reilly or Alex Morgan? Just a thought.


…and men’s…US Soccer’s Behind the Crest series.

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  1. I get that the notion of feigning injury is “a necessary evil” to soccer fans, but isn’t that the #1 gripe that most American sports fans have of soccer? Why choose to highlight that in a commercial when you are trying to draw attention to the fact that you are showing the Women’s World Cup? I think this is rather poor compared to the Jozy Altidore shirt-swapping commercial and the Landon Donovan copier-kicking one. And yes, they should have used Alex Morgan…


  2. Yes, please use Alex Morgan from now on!


  3. Posted by Danny on 2011/06/22 at 11:33 AM

    Maurice Edu is a bit of a tool!


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