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Spanning The Weekend Soccer Globe: A Tall Portugese Man, John Lithgow & More

It's back baby...

Maybe 6 or 7 months, more, since we did a spanning the weekend soccer globe.

Our first one in what seems like ages and upstaged by USSF and Sunil Gulati.

Lame. But off we go.


International U-20

• England vs. North Korea

Completely torn on who to root for here…Thoughts?


• The Philly Union look to Ben Franklin’s bridge to cross the Rapids.

Statement 2nd half opening game for the Union? A win vs. Everton, a Farfantastic performance against Real Madrid. Would be a shame to know not put away an uneven Rapids side who just saw Conor Casey go down for the year, no?

The Fish has flopped thus far this season in our eyes...

Anyone else surprised that Carlos Ruiz came in 3rd in the player All-Star voting at forward? Was it the only name that some guys could recognize?




• RSL defends Rio Tinto against the Crew from Columbus

Bad juju.

Ever since David Checketts announced that he wanted to retire the #9 jersey in honor of boach Jason Kreis the following has happened at what once was a fortress in Salt Lake.

Can you take it down though?

» Charlie Davies dove and earned a penalty at Rio Tinto preserve a draw for United.

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And Klinsmann It Is! Gulati Finally Gets His Man

Hi there...again...

Interesting that Jurgen Klinsmann only named coach of USMNT, no?

The release below.

CHICAGO (July 29, 2011) — U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati named Jürgen Klinsmann as head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team today, making him the 35th coach in the history of the program.

“We are excited to have Jürgen as the head coach of our Men’s National Team,” said Gulati. “He is a highly accomplished player and coach with the experience and knowledge to advance the program. Jürgen has had success in many different areas of the game and we look forward to the leadership he will provide on and off the field.”

Late Night: Heather O’Reilly Remixed

Can I put this in the “only on TSG category.”

A few weeks ago, a friend us sent us the “Megan Rapinoe Song” (to which Julie Foudy decided to claim she was just perusing “Megan Rapinoe” on YouTube–creepy!–and found it).

After posting, TSGer Jeff Holmes sent us an absolutely fan-freaking-tastic song for Heather O’Reilly. That’s below.


Thank you, oh thank you Laura Taylor. It’s still women’s World Cup month for a few more hours and you made our night.

TSGers rock man.


The original:

Breaking: Bob Bradley Fired By US Soccer

Bob Bradley out as US Men’s National Team Manager.

The release from US Soccer below.




CHICAGO (July 28, 2011) — U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati announced today that Bob Bradleyhas been relieved of his duties as the head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team.

“We want to thank Bob Bradley for his service and dedication to U.S. Soccer during the past five years,” said Gulati. “During his time as the head coach of our Men’s National Team he led the team to a number of accomplishments, but we felt now was the right time for us to make a change. It is always hard to make these decisions, especially when it involves someone we respect as much as Bob. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

This announcement comes after a meeting at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., between Gulati, Bradley and U.S. Soccer CEO Dan Flynn.

Bradley was named the head coach of the U.S. MNT in January of 2007 and during his five-year tenure compiled a 43-25-12 record. He led the team to a number of accomplishments, including winning the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup, finishing second in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, winning their World Cup qualifying group and advancing to the Round of 16 of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

U.S. Soccer will have a further announcement on Friday.

REPOST: What’s the deal with Jurgen?

This was originally posted on September 20th of last year.

I (not necessarily Matt), still stand by it.


Is he really a good coach?

So if Jurgen can stir up a hornets nest, so can I. I’m curious to know what the big deal with Klinsy really is. A lot of USMNT fans really really want him as head coach and I want to know why. I’m English, so first and foremost I support England, but having lived here for 20 years, I REALLY want to see the USMNT national team get to the next level in International Soccer. I just don’t see how Jurgen can take them there.

He’s had two managerial spells. One with the German National team and one with Bayern Munich.

With Bayern, he coached for less than a season (08-09) and was fired in April 09, with Bayern knocked out of the German domestic cup in the quarters, Champions league in the quarters and in third position of the Bundesliga, endangering their next years Champions League qualification.

He was given a squad that had won their domestic league the previous year and set them a few steps backward.

Germany's 2006 success had more to do with their fans, the players and hosting the Cup then their coach.

Klinsmann was more successful with the national team, at least on first glance. He took a young German team to third place at the 2006 World Cup and did do a good job of shunting out the older generation of players who had failed so miserably in the 2004 Euros, revamping Germany’s national footballing program on the way.

BUT, lets look at his results. Klinsmann’s first two years in charge did little to impress the footballing world, as they did poorly in friendlies building up to the 2006 World Cup (which Germany was hosting, so no need to qualify).

At the big dance, they won their group, but had less than challenging opponents in Costa Rica, Poland and Ecuador. They then beat Sweden (a solid team, but no world beaters) in the first knock stage and then an average Argentinian team on penalties in the quarters. They lost 2-0 to Italy in the semis.

Keeping in mind that every game they played, they were spurned on by their home fans, and that they had a relatively easy route to the semi finals. I would venture to say that the players got them as far as they did and not him as a coach. When they needed him to do something different and come up with a tactical magical moment, he failed and Italy won late in extra time.

After the World Cup, with the German press and pubic in full support, Klinsmann decided to resign, saying he didn’t have the drive anymore and wanted to spend time with his family. Joachim Löw took over and has taken an even younger Germany to the next level, and they are one of the favorites at Euro 2012 and Brazil 2014.

Did Klinsmann realize that he didn’t really have what it took to take Germany further and intelligently decide to step down on top? The cynic in me says yes.

A fantastic striker and amateur diver, Klinsmann and the word defense aren't very synonymous

I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, but I really don’t think he’s what the USMNT wants. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Klinsmann would be a step backward from Bob Bradley, but I don’t think he offers anything special.

Klinsmann was a fantastic striker in his playing days and his coaching style is reflective of that. I don’t believe the word defense is in his lexicon. This is not what the USMNT wants. The US’s counter attacking style and speed is one of their strengths, but they do not possess the skill to just outscore their opponents. They need discipline at the back and Klinsmann cannot provide that.

Who would be perfect for the job. Honestly I don’t know. What perplexes me though, is why so many people think “California Klinsy” would be the savior of the USMNT.

Your thoughts!

Portland Timbers: Huge Whistle Advantage

Are the Portland Timbers enjoying a massing advantage, homefield advantage, both or neither?


(Yes, we do need to get the home counts at Jen-Weld. Don’t have ’em yet.)

MLS All-Stars vs. Manchester United: Live Commentary

Will Shalrie play the boss man tonight?

Kickoff promptly….that is about 55 minutes after the broadcast start time of 5pm PT. 5:55 PT for the kickoff.

It’s the MLS All-Stars vs. Manchester United and this time Kevin Alston won’t be playing rightback.

Red Bull Arena is the site as Manchester United continues their raucous North American tour.

Chicharito likely won’t be in the line-up for the visitors–having been held overnight at the hospital with symptoms of a mild concussion.

For Domestic FC, Hans Backe filled out the All-Star roster with speed. Will he use it on the flanks against United?

Will Shalrie Joseph boss the midfield?

Here we go shortly….