USWNT: Amy LePeilbet Infographic, plus Lloyd-Cheney Review…

Got a little curmudgeony this morning–apologies.

Lloyd always does the dirty work in the US midfield...

The disposition was due in part to the suggestion that Carli Lloyd hasn’t upheld her part of the bargain in central midfield for the US given Lauren Cheney’s move their in yesterday’s game against France. Some quick observations:

» Lloyd played nearly double the amount of time that Cheney did against Brazil. Lloyd of course plays the more, say, tedious and responsibility-driven role of CM for the USWNT.

» The USWNT soon introduced the soup-du-jour Megan Rapinoe after Cheney’s move inward. Rapinoe’s energy, runs, possession and overall gnat-like impact on the other team can not be understated against France

» France–as Maura Gladys aptly pointed out in the review–gambled with 3-deep and adding an extra attacker against the States. The States in turn: a) pushed up and b) controlled the run-of-play up the field as the move backfired for France manager Bruno Bini.

Cheney's been lending Amy a hand, leg, foot, what have you as the WC has progressed...

Anywho…all this got me thinking that the crickets around Amy LePeilbet’s play at left back have sought pasture with the ones exterminated by Abby Wambach coming on like gangbusters.

Found this interesting infographic below floating around the World Wide Web that compares criticism level around LePeilbet to the amount of cover that’s been provided over top of her against various opponents. Interesting, huh? Big difference for LePeilbet has been Cheney taking a little less venture-forward-and-hopefully-get-back-role at left mid as the tournament has progressed as well later match cover (against Brazil & France) by both Megan Rapinoe–predominantly–and Heather O’Reilly (early against France). Early on Cheney did a lot of in-cutting and left LePeilbet basically to fend for herself–not the same on the Krieger-O’Reilly flank.

(Okay, I didn’t find the graphic it happened upon my Google spreedsheets this morning.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kaya on 2011/07/14 at 11:03 AM

    Love the infographic. You crack me up.


  2. Shouldn’t there be a third ascending line titled “Rampone moving over” and how was the Y axis scale chosen?

    In complete honesty love this site for trying to keep a steady keel when people let there emotions spill into posts. It happens to everyone. Never jumped on the critiquing LePeilbet or Lloyd wagons but it is at least encouraging that more people are taking the time to consider the WNT. There are many men who watch futball/soccer who don’t give it the time of day, that is way worse.

    People will take time to write down a critical thought, they rarely spend time to write more interesting ones. Thoroughly enjoy watching this team, no matter who is on the field.

    Side note:
    Killing time waiting for the final match? Check out some of the studio 90 video sessions on The players on this team are actually interesting to watch. Very refreshing. The video of Rapinoe and Lindsey shows what camaraderie really looks like. Plus the studio 90 interviewer guy is amiable but also anxious, and mildly uncomfortable; worth watching just for that.


  3. Posted by Nelson on 2011/07/15 at 4:10 AM

    no apologies needed


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