Thursday Whisperings: Klinsmann, Chandler, More

Yes, of course, we all wish Jorge Perlaza–yet another Colombian doing work in MLS–could get a call-in.

Thanks for joining us this time...

Alas, many fans will have to fawn from afar.

Here’s the murmurings on some US roster news.

• Bill Hamid with a cryptic tweet that Washington Post’s Steve Goff thought might be a call-in. Confirmed by Goff this morning.

• Freddy Adu rumored to be called in. No-brainer, because he’s got no other club work right now.

• Tuesday news and Wednesday confirmation that Timothy Chandler’s been called in for the wrong Mexico game.

• Fullbacks Eric Lichaj and Jonathan Spector are rumored to be out. (Opening the door for Sean Franklin and Geoff Cameron?)

• Bayern Munich support staffer Martin Vasquez (now with Real Salt Lake) and Tab Ramos are the rumors as trial coaches as the Jurgen Klinsmann Express leaves the station on Thursday.

• Salt is to wound as…American-born, Mex-tied Miguel Ponce on the field as Chivas Guadalaraja whup up on Farcelona.


• The Kreis Curse continues as RSL falls on the road at Livestrong. 2-0. Seems like a perfect nadir during the summer’s grind before a resurgence by RSL — don’t count them out yet.

• The Galaxy just had one of those games up in Portland running into a chainsaw and the wrong side of 3-0 score. And, Portland fans, the Galaxy has the fouls suffered advantage. Bully for the Timbers.

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  1. Posted by Russell on 2011/08/04 at 6:49 AM

    I admit I need to watch Franklin more… but from what I saw in the MLS all star game and last night, I don’t see it.


  2. Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/04 at 7:42 AM

    would it not be awsome if coach klinsmann said yes to the hungry beast and current mls cup holder, marvell wynne. if coach klinsmann wants defenders on his defense who can defend, then this is the guy that should be getting more looks. sean franklin and shannon whatever from filthy my back side.


    • Posted by KickinNames.... on 2011/08/04 at 8:35 AM

      Was Marvell Wynne the first recipient of a “soccer brain” transplant in the last yr or so? I don’t remember hearing of that medical breakthrough. Wynne=Bornstein IMO. Excellent athlete with a very mediocre grasp of the nuances of the position and the game. He covers up his positioning and lack of ball skils with outstanding recovery speed. Has not demonstrated intl quality in either his MLS or limited MNT career again IMO.
      I’d rather see a more natural defender like Sheannon Williams get a look see at this stage.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2011/08/04 at 8:43 AM

      I would suggest that biggest blemish on a Marvell Wynne campaign for USMNT is his completely hideous past record of failures.

      But stranger things have happened I guess. Like Bornstein’s tenure being as long as it was.


      • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/04 at 10:05 AM

        matthew, that really is a little over the top. his biggest failure would have to be costa rica game when the usa got whooped in saprissa. marvell wynne has it all over sean franklin, that much should be pretty obvious to everyone.


        • Posted by Matt Mathai on 2011/08/04 at 12:18 PM

          Are you really suggesting that Wynne is a good defender? If so, I’m baffled as to why. He’s fast, he’s aggressive, and he’s strong. That’s it. He appears to lack a fundamental understanding of positioning and his anticipation would have to improve radically to be considered pathetic. In six months of work, Perry Kitchen (playing out of position) is already a better RB than Wynne. I’d be happy if Wynne never comes close to a USMNT camp again.


          • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/05 at 5:38 AM

            mathai, i know you are a dc united fan, and perry kitchen is pretty good, but when has he played right back for dc united? maybe when dc plays a 3-5-2? kitchen is versatile, what, the hungry beast is not. how well did perry kitchen do with his youth world cup team?

            personally i see fans out there who call for the players they think should be playing and any players contrary to this view are laughed at. it might be ej, or findley, or rico, or marvell, or tony sannah, the list is so long matthew, even players with the skill of michael bradley can find their way onto the list. the question i have for you would have to be, how can a country cultivate talent, when the country is always putting that talent down?

            mathai, do you really think sean franklin is better than marvell wynne? one has an mls ring, the other plays for the most expensive team in the league. one player was pretty much our best player at the last olympics, the other gets to play with beckham and donovan.


            • Posted by Matt Mathai on 2011/08/05 at 1:18 PM

              Perry Kitchen has been playing right back for the last couple of months since DCU was hit with injuries. That’s why I included ‘out of position’ in my post. It’s unclear whether he’s a better CB than a DM. Time will tell, I suppose. As a RB he’s been more stay-at-home because he’s less familiar with that position, but he’s done an excellent job, esp. when you consider he’s a rookie. I have a (biased) feeling he’s going to be the steal of the draft class.

              That said, I don’t think Kitchen is ready for the national team. He still has a lot to learn about anticipation. Wynne, with as much MLS experience as he’s had isn’t ready for the national team either. And I find that very telling.

              You don’t go to the national team to learn. Maybe you can polish your game in the camps, but there should be no remedial training going on there.

              I’m not as much of a fan of Franklin as TSG is, but yes, I think he’s a smarter defender than Wynne is. In case you didn’t pick it up from my original post, I think pretty much anyone is a better defender than Wynne.

            • Posted by Matt Mathai on 2011/08/05 at 1:19 PM

              BTW, I don’t understand your comment about winning a ring. Wynne didn’t win that trophy by himself. He happens to fit into that system. Good for him. I still don’t think he has what it takes to play at the national team level.

            • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/05 at 3:40 PM

              mathai, i guess my point is here you have marvell wynne, who pretty much shut down the dutch in beiijing. are you telling me you did not think marvell was one of the best american players at the olympics? you remeber when freddy adu was young and red bulls came to rfk and marvell pertty much did not let adu touch the ball. usa does not have another defender with the raw defending ability.

              its funny, but sanneh was 25 in 96 and marvell is 25 in 01. people cant just sit there and pick apart the fact that colorado won the mls cup, as if the hungry beast did not have an impact on this team, come on. the fact that drew moor plays central defender along with wynne is even more telling and they got to young wing backs. we will see tonight, rapids go into columbus, that is not an easy game.

            • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/05 at 6:30 PM

              i stand corrected, the game is in rado. guess marvell needs to produce a cleansheet.

            • Posted by Matt Mathai on 2011/08/06 at 6:29 AM

              I get the sense that you and I are just not going to see eye to eye on this, and that’s cool. These debates are what make sites like this interesting.

              I’d just caution you against using great performances at a lower level as proof of a player’s readiness for the senior national team. Some great youth players perform extremely well at the top, but many others can’t maintain their rise. IOW, a Wynne’s great showing in the Olympics came against youth players. He hasn’t played to that level against senior national teams. He isn’t too old to make progress, as you point out. All I’m saying is that to date I have not seen any reason to try him on the national stage.

            • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/06 at 7:12 AM

              well, the rapids did in fact shut out columbus 2 nil last night., and as the old soccer addage goes, it could have been much worse. mattai, the truth is we probably agree, just in a round about way. u/23 is not full national team, but it is not just a youth team either. marvell wynne was playing against guys like odemwingie, roystan drenthra, and whats his face from liverpool. you are a usa fan, you want the best possible players out there, i dont know, sanneh was good enough to become a real stud for the national team, we could have had little stevie cherundolo playing right back in 2002, maybe he would have worked out as well as sanneh, but i highly doubt it.

          • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/05 at 5:56 AM

            mathai, now im really curious. where you watching tony sanneh back in 97, 98 and thinking, oh yeah, this is going to be one of the top national team players in 2002?


            • Posted by Matt Mathai on 2011/08/05 at 1:26 PM

              Yeah, I’ve seen every game DCU has played. When Sanneh was first signed from Minnesota he had a laughable first touch, couldn’t cross, and couldn’t defend. His nickname amongst his most ardent fans was ‘Feet of Stone’. His favorite defensive move was to grab the player who was blazing past him.

              He improved slowly over ’96 and became more threatening as the year went on. He continued to improve, began to improve his positioning (mostly because he tried to do LESS) and became a useful player.

              The first time we realized that he had REALLY improved was in a pre-WC match vs Holland, he completely shut down Zenden. He hadn’t shown that level of play before.

            • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/05 at 5:16 PM

              matt, thanks for sheading some light on this topic. your pictures make this site, that and matthews “objectivity”.

        • Posted by matthewsf on 2011/08/05 at 9:36 AM

          You still need some stats or something to support your claim.

          Marvell Wynne has been a disaster the last two times (Honduras, Jan Camp 2010 and Chile, Jan Camp 2011) he’s gotten a run out.

          In Colorado he’s protected by a very smart Drew Moor and two ultratalented CMs in Mastroeni and Jeff LArentowitz. Even his coach says he’s only good (and I’ll find the quote) when he’s told to just sit there and guard this guy.

          That only gets you so far.



  3. Posted by Mike on 2011/08/04 at 8:20 AM

    Dynamo have two starters injured, Danny Cruz and Will Bruin. So, Geoff Cameron and Brad Davis might not be available, at least in the short term. I think both will get another look, just not sure when.


  4. Posted by John on 2011/08/04 at 9:28 AM

    Karate Mode Engage.


  5. Posted by dikranovich on 2011/08/04 at 10:21 AM

    it never hurts to have guys on any team with championship winning experience. like ej for example, he is coming off a season of religation, now he is getting his car rammed in a palm coast holiday inn parking lot, not a likely call in, but then again, klinsmann might just fancy, like all coaches before him, the athletic prowess that is eddie johnson, not to be confused with the edward johnson who plays in portland for the timbers.

    klinsmann is an outside the box type of thinker. the conventional wisdom that might often be pervasive around some places will have to give way to something different. does everyone not see tha? whatever is not working up to this point is going to have to be corrected. all this talk about makeup speed, it does not make sense and flies in the face of the facts. i dont know about you guys, but i want defenders who can defend, first and foremost, then you can talk about a center mid who sprays the ball all over the field, or a fullback who charges up the flank as if he is billy white shoes johnson.


  6. Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/08/05 at 8:29 PM

    Matt what was that about allegiance issues? Were not losing him to the germans


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