Video: Groovin’

A bit of a sequel to yesterday’s video–Messi, old school Ronaldo–but please again support The Beautiful Game.


More promoters of social change and the Beautiful Game courtesy TSG community member Chris Singer:

» Grassroots Soccer
About: Vision a world mobilized by soccer to create an AIDS free generation. Have had over 420,000 youth graduate from their HIV-prevention programs. Mostly works in Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia) but has global efforts as well.

» HavServe: Haiti Soccer for Development (Youth Soccer Program)
About: The importance of soccer in the Haitian society and the game’s status as the country’s “favorite national pastime” make soccer and physical education programs effective tools for combatting Haiti’s development challenges such as extreme poverty, conflict, HIV/AIDS, and for helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

» Play Soccer
About: A unique sports-oriented program that empowers youth to lead change in some of the world’s most-underserved communities. Projects in Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Zambia, Malawi as well as Appalachia in the United States.

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