The Weekend: Live Commentary

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Game day starts now.

Marquee in the EPL: Chelsea looking to get healthy against Swansea City.

Will Lampard silence the critics and prove he's still a chic character on the pitch?

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  1. Posted by ernj on 2011/09/24 at 5:49 AM

    Both Captain America and Big Mo with goals for Rangers. It is the SPL, but still…


  2. Posted by Jared on 2011/09/24 at 5:53 AM

    Per Bob Bradley’s agent, he’s officially signed on to coach Egypt. Good luck to him and I hope they provide tight security.


  3. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/09/24 at 7:44 AM

    Old Trafford last week. Allianz Arena today (after Oktoberfesting of course). Red Bull Arena next week…


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2011/09/24 at 7:46 AM

      ♫♫ One of these things is not like the other… ♫♫


      • Posted by Kevin on 2011/09/24 at 9:01 AM

        Is it Allianz Arena? The only one where English won’t be the predominant language…?


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/09/24 at 10:37 PM

        Old Trafford is the only one to have been built last century / millenium.

        Absolutely fantastic stadiums, you can get drunk on the atmosphere too, not just the Boddingtons and Paulaner…


  4. Oh Fernando.

    (Also: Ramires)


    • Fernando Fernando Fernando, right when you seem to find scoring form you go and take yourself out of the running for 3 games… Clumsy more than anything, but absolutely a straight red.

      And Ramires is making good ol’ TSG eat his words 🙂


      • Posted by dth on 2011/09/24 at 6:09 PM

        I haven’t understood why Ramires gets dissed so much by so many. I really like his game.


  5. Posted by crow on 2011/09/24 at 8:37 AM

    It’s nice to see Le Toux coming on at the end of the year. Farfan did a great job to not give up on that ball.


  6. Posted by mbw on 2011/09/24 at 4:17 PM

    Backe runs out the same lineup (minus Rafa) that got practically nothing done Wednesday night. “It is common sense to take a method and try it: If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. The millions who are in want will not stand by silently forever. . . .”

    Move Henry to CAM and play Agudelo and Rodgers up top? Go 4-3-3? DO SOMETHING.


  7. Posted by Jake Claro on 2011/09/24 at 5:30 PM

    I’ll be expecting you two to send your apologies along to Backe if the RBs keep the lead and get the result ; )


    • Posted by mbw on 2011/09/24 at 5:41 PM

      Haha, ok, fine. They looked good in the first half. But does Backe really get to take credit for Dane Richards’s pace?


    • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/24 at 5:41 PM

      backe is already on record as saying he considers the mls champ to be the team with the most points at the end of the regular season. his team has already folded up shop.


      • Posted by Jake Claro on 2011/09/24 at 5:53 PM

        Perhaps he’ll change his mind when he’s out of a job watching the playoffs on the tube.

        @mbw…haha, no of course not, but guys like Phil Jackson may disagree–at least from a professional perspective.


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 4:14 AM

      No chance. Guy has one of the best teams in MLS and they’re barely going to make the playoffs.

      That and he’s wasting Agudelo should be enough for him to be fired.


  8. Posted by mbw on 2011/09/24 at 5:39 PM

    Wow, De Ro is right on Brad Davis’s heels. . . .


  9. Posted by dth on 2011/09/24 at 6:16 PM

    gahhhh…agudelo shows his weaknesses: lindpere centers a ball towards Henry’s near-post run. Henry dummies the ball to the far post…to empty space. Agudelo is several beats behind, having decided there was no way the ball was getting to the far post.

    Rodgers would’ve buried that.


  10. Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 4:16 AM

    MB90 starts again for Chievo. I wonder if we’ll see him in the October friendlies? Holden seems to think he won’t be called in because it’s too soon after his return and Torres is out as well.


    • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 4:38 AM

      if coach klinsmann is going to be looking to win in october, then he will surely bring in junior, who after two weeks is already taking chievos corners and free kicks. nice play from the man in the first half.


      • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 4:58 AM

        Chievo is wasting him if they have him taking the corners. He’s pretty dangerous off of set pieces when in the box.


      • Posted by Excellency on 2011/09/26 at 9:19 AM

        Eventually, Bradley will be there in the middle to put some gristle in the US side.


  11. Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 4:55 AM

    what a weak pk from chievo. was that junior that that played in the ball though? junior is all over the field, in a positive way. junior sprays such a nice ball around, i just cant believe people say otherwise.


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 4:57 AM

      Are you actually watching this game unlike the previous one where you claimed he was great but never saw the game?


      • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 5:02 AM

        yeah, it must have been your grainy stream last game that caused you to miss the skill and explain to us all that the coach was just trying to boost young bradleys confidence.


        • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 5:04 AM

          Or just like most people, I judged Bradley to have an average game. ESPN3 doesn’t do grainy. HD quality streaming.


    • Posted by Excellency on 2011/09/26 at 9:31 AM

      His choices are good. That is not the problem when he plays for the US. His problem is that the US team doesn’t have good teamwork near the box and does better when the wing springs free quickly from a quick pass and crosses into the box from range (or runs in if you are Landon). The kind of spraying around you see from Bradley is more suited to the European league play. If we want to improve US team play at the top of the box we will need to get it going with accurate, short,forward passing along the ground which is more of an Adu type specialty (if you can get him under control).

      That is just my opinion from having watched the Bradley (pere and fils) teams and not to say I don’t think Bradley should be on the team. He should be. But don’t be surprised when you see his passes lead to no goals as happened in the Bradley era. Bradley doesn’t pass well in a crowd and playing in a crowd when attacking from midfield has been a problem for the US team for some time.


  12. Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 5:06 AM

    delisiouso from junior with a dish off a corner


  13. Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 5:36 AM

    id like to explain the bradley situation loud and clear for everyone. it is simple, he is one of our best players hands down. he is probably the smartest player on the field, most times when he takes the pitch, in any league in the world.

    it hurts to hear the negative bs on junior, which is obviously a result of people being against his father and in all honesty, it is shameful. it is personal also. this guy is so good and people want to pontificate like they know what they are talking about, it drives me crazy and it drives a wedge into the development of soccer in america.

    so bradley pretty much was man of the match for chievo today, having a hand in both goals and playing end to end. bradley did not make a negative pass today and he moved the ball around very well. he missed a couple of tackles, which he will not miss for much longer, but he also broke up many plays today and he will recieve more praise from his coach after this win over genoa.


    • Posted by SamT on 2011/09/25 at 6:02 AM

      Bradley is divisive, for sure. It seems there are three types of people when it comes to MB90.

      1. Those who criticize no matter what.
      2. Those who praise some aspects of his game, criticize others.
      3. Those who praise no matter what.

      Just as you seem to be tired of those whose opinions fall into #1 and #2 on MB90, I am tired of those whose opinions always fall into #1 and #3.

      I will also note that most of the questions I have seen about MB90 on Shin Guardian lately have been about his ability to fit into the USMNT system we’ve been seeing out of JK. That is less about MB90 specifically and more about fit. Whether you agree or disagree, that seems a fair topic to discuss.

      Lastly, I would be tickled pink if MB90 had a man of the match performance yesterday for Chievo. (Didn’t see it.) There are many things about the man’s game I like.


      • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 6:16 AM

        D, how does criticizing Bradley drive a wedge into the development of soccer in America? Talk about hyperbole. Players can’t be allowed to skate without criticism if they aren’t playing well regardless of whether they are one of the best players or not. No player should be assured of a spot or else they get complacent and stop improving.

        Good post, SamT. Any player should be open to criticism when they aren’t playing well regardless of whether they are one of the better players or not. Most of the criticism that I recall when Bob was in charge was that MB90 played 90 minutes regardless of playing time and need which meant that the midfield never had another option for the central midfield pairing because it was always MB90 and another. That leads to problems when MB90 falls out of form as we saw last year when he wasn’t playing for any club.


        • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 6:43 AM

          honestly blunt (j), what is it that makes you think that junior bradley in any way is complacent? i mean for real. it really sounds to me like people want junior to fail. if as sams post says, it sounds like a third portion want him to fail and will be critical no matter what, and when this is the case with one of the usa’s premiere players, it has to make you wonder how people will teach the game to our youth. these portion of the community who criticize no matter what will obviously not be looking to juniors game as a way to teach the american style.

          people have to be honest and genuine, bradley never fell out of form, shoot, he was not playing at villa and still came into the argentina game and impacted. can we discuss bradley club situation over the last couple of seasons, because after all is said and done it has become clear.

          junior went to b gladbach based on the observations of one christian ziege. ziege left gladbach shortly there after. along with a couple of coaching changes and the loss of marco marin, it seems bradley was not as keen on the german club as he was when he arrived, so he looks for a way out and ends up with a load deal, probably with the hope that his father would be coaching the team. but regardless, when houiller took over the team, and there are some people that think the french coach is great and would be a great addition to the usa, or would have been, but anyway, houllier is no fan of the american player and he left a villa in worse shape than when he arrived. of course mcleish took over after failing to keep birmingham up and he too did not covet bradley. oh well, say la vie. we can watch the villa v qpr game and imagine what it would be like to see junior out there in the epl. and now he is at chievo and he is tearing it up. lets just wait and see what the coach says about his performance today. jared, please get us a stream of that, will you


          • Posted by matthewsf on 2011/09/25 at 9:58 AM

            Dikranovich — i’ve warned you multiple times. You were fine up until your last two sentences in the post above.

            If you can’t stop flaming in this forum–the good of the community will come before our hope that everyone takes an impersonal point of view and if allowed to comment.

            This is your last warning and I’m making public since I’ve warned you multiple times in email.

            I have much better things to do with my day than to chaperone a forum that is provided for free.


        • Posted by Martin on 2011/09/25 at 11:27 AM

          Jared and SamT

          Bob Bradley chose to build his midfield around Michael, Dempsey and Donovan.

          I suspect no one ever criticizes Clint and Landon’s automatic status because there is an assumption that these two are always in form. Michael is at least a class below Clint and Landon in terms of talent but he has other qualities that can be useful.

          I happen to think the only US games that are not practice games, are the competitive ones, i.e. Gold Cup, Confederations Cup, Copa America, WC Qualifiers and World Cup.

          And in those games I think its safe to say the Trilateral boys have mostly come through, justifying BB’s faith in them.

          For the other games, the friendlies, the “practice” games, they have to be evaluated by a very different set of standards.

          US fans did not seem to like how Bob went about his business in those games. This is of course, natural as most fans assume they know better but Bradley did himself no favors by failing to ever give anyone much of an idea why he did what he did.

          In the absence of facts, speculation runs wild and Bradley has only himself to blame for that. He could have said, for example something like “I start Landon all the time because not doing so might affect his ego and then his performance” or “I start Michael all the time even though he is not our most skilled midfielder because he is very consistent for us and I always know what I will get out of him.”

          Michael’s downfall with USMNT fans came when he defended his father in the press by insinuating the fans were ignorant and then he had issues at the club level that, it could reasonably assumed by a neutral, seemed to have more to do with off the field events, some of which may not have been entirely in Michael’s control.

          It seems as if his off the field issues have been resolved and hopefully, that will lead to better things for all concerned.

          As for his “fit” or “role” with the USMNT going forward it is far too early to tell.

          Since Klinsmann took over everyone has been dying to name their faves and discard their trash players for the final 23 for the 2014 World Cup. Players such as Findley, Jozy and Gooch have very recently been tossed on the trash heap by fans yet recent results seem to indicate those guys may yet have something to say.

          It seems clear that JK has used to last three games to experiment with particular aspects of the team makeup. Like how they deal with being tired and so on. That 23 and the “system” that JK will ultimately use has yet to be revealed to anyone and there is an awful lot of football to be played between now and whenever JK starts to settle on his regulars.

          Michael Bradley is a below average-to-average class international player in terms of his skills. His biggest asset seems to be in the intangibles (such as a habit of playing well in big games that mean something) and how that translates for JK who knows?

          He might have a big role going forward or he could be left out of the team all together.

          Neither outcome would surprise me.


          • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 11:57 AM

            There were plenty of people questioning Donovan’s automatic inclusion at several points during Bob’s reign including during the Gold Cup. I don’t think anyone ever questioned Dempsey’s involvement. Another big difference though is that those two didn’t really have any challengers to their positions. Central mid is the one spot where there is real depth.

            I’d say MB90’s average to at times slightly above average. If he could only harness those intangibles to something more tangible.

            I’ve been shocked that Gooch is playing full matches again at the level he is. Nothing that I’d seen from him in his limited minutes made it seem like he had any chance of being a starter for mid level European team again.


            • Posted by Ufficio on 2011/09/25 at 12:16 PM

              I don’t think anyone ever questioned Dempsey’s involvement.

              Think back to cerca June 2009, then. After Dempsey’s gaffe against Honduras, and his slow start in the Confed Cup a lot – if not the majority – of the USMNT commentariat on the intertubes were calling for Dempsey to be benched. Consensus seemed to be that he brought his top game for club, but not for country.

            • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 12:57 PM

              I remember the claims that he brought his top game for club not country but I didn’t remember anyone calling for him to be benched. Mainly because I never remember hearing anyone bring up a replacement that made any sense or could play better than Dempsey.

            • Posted by Martin on 2011/09/25 at 1:28 PM

              Perhaps I should have said no one questioned the automatic inclusion of Dempsey and Donovan, and for that matter, Howard to the level they have questioned Michael Bradley’s.

              I believe it is indisputable that if his name was Michael Podhadjksi, the criticism would not have risen to the level it did and where it remains.

              In my view Bradley’s main asset over that period was he was the most consistent. The others, Edu, Clark, Jones, Benny, Holden,Torres etc., etc,etc., kept getting hurt or losing form. Basically, I never saw another US midfielder who actually performed as consistently as Bradley and could have made a sensible case for replacing him.

              Which tells you how thin the talent level was.

            • Posted by Ufficio on 2011/09/25 at 1:42 PM

              I guess we were reading different blogs back then 🙂

            • Posted by Martin on 2011/09/25 at 3:21 PM


              I don’t think so. I read all that criticism of Dempsey and mostly it was that he was lazy and maybe selfish.

              The criticism of MB has been more vicious.

            • Posted by Ufficio on 2011/09/25 at 3:49 PM

              You read every comment on every USMNT related page on the internet and remember them all? Amazing.

            • Posted by Gregorio on 2011/09/25 at 4:00 PM

              So where does this Michael Podhadjksi ply his trade, I hear he’s got a good engine and is waiting for a polish passport!

            • Posted by Martin on 2011/09/25 at 5:13 PM

              “Posted by Ufficio on 2011/09/25 at 3:49 PM

              You read every comment on every USMNT related page on the internet and remember them all? Amazing.”

              You said that not me.

              What I most remember is that Dempsey kept playing for the US anyway and is now basically indispensible and is their most consistently dangerous player. That is not something most of those critics would have ever predicted as likely.

            • Posted by Martin on 2011/09/25 at 5:15 PM


              Sorry, it should be spelled Podhajski.

      • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 6:50 AM

        sam, it is fair to talk about fit and this and that and obviously junior fit into the system of the last regime and i think, just based on results from the first three games, junior probably fits into this system that coach klinsmann is going to employ.


      • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 7:11 AM

        samT, i am curious, i obviously fall into #3 and you claim to be in column #2, which appears to be the rational column, now jared, is he #1, or #2, based on your observation? so i can gain some more perspective, thank you.


  14. Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 7:38 AM

    bottom line, two starts for junior at chievo, flying donkeys six points. that is what we like to see, plus the bonus point from coach klinsmann first game in charge. it aint the full nine, but it is good enough for advancement. dis junior bradley at your own peril.


    • Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/09/25 at 1:55 PM

      What peril might that be? That Michael will take a look onto various soccer forums and retire from international play after seeing the disgust for him displayed by us soccer supporters? THE PAIN.


      • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/25 at 2:11 PM

        no antonio, junior bradley does his talking on the field and like martin says, he does it in the big games. of course usa fans can be against any player they choose and really for any reason, but thats where logic comes into play. junior bradley has done more in serie a in two games than pretty much all others combined. im not sure if lalas had as big an impact in his whole time in italy, nor of course gooch. bradley is above average, in pretty much all aspects of the game. its a good thing.


        • Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/09/25 at 2:27 PM

          May i ask what you mean by “all others combined”? Surely you dont mean to say that bradley has done more this season so far than every member of the recent U.S. 23-man squad.


        • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/25 at 3:51 PM

          MB90’s done plenty of talking off the field. He called people ignorant for questioning his father as well as challenging Wynalda to a fight when Wynalda questioned whether he should be an automatic starter.

          Wow, Bradley did more in Italy than Gooch. I’m so impressed that he can do more than a guy that was injured for essentially his entire time in Italy.


          • Posted by Gregorio on 2011/09/25 at 4:03 PM

            Hey Gooch did what other players & coaches always wish they could do, Choke Ibrahamovic! Lets see MB Novanta top that.


          • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/26 at 5:34 AM

            aint that something, a son stands up to defend his father and people want to act like it is a bad thing. unreal.


            • Posted by Jared on 2011/09/26 at 6:16 AM

              It’s a bad thing when you’re a professional player representing your country. When you’re representing the team, they needed to have a relationship that was coach to player not father to son. Otherwise it brings up the nepotism charges that a lot of people leveled at Bob for playing him. It wasn’t just the fact that he stood up for his father either, it was the way he did it. You can’t essentially challenge a reporter (which is what Wynalda is at this point) to a fight because he questioned your coach.

              I’d be willing to bet that Bob the coach was probably not to pleased with the way MB90 handled those issues because it only called more attention to the situation and lead to more questions about whether MB90 should always be on the field.

            • Posted by dikranovich on 2011/09/26 at 7:27 AM

              when the game is an importaint one, michael bradley should always be on the field. good, we cleared up another issue. now we are getting somewhere.

        • Posted by Crow on 2011/09/25 at 5:44 PM

          Michael Bradley was one of the best Yanks during the World Cup, but was easily the 2nd/3rd worst player on the pitch (only Bornstein was worse) for the biggest game since then- the Gold Cup Final. I don’t understand this fascination with Bradley. The only players that the USA has that are even close to automatic starters are Howard and Dempsey. I don’t think Donovan even fits the bill anymore. If Bradley plays well over the next year, then I’m sure he will be a staple when WCQ starts. The dude has barely played for club over the last year. Let’s not get too excited over 2 games.

          I always hope every American player does well for club or country. Even as much as I criticized Ricardo Clark and Jonathan Bornstein- I always cheered for them when they were on the field and didn’t want them to fail. I hope things do work out for Bradley.


      • Posted by Gregorio on 2011/09/25 at 4:01 PM

        He might jab a finger in your chest during an interview!


  15. Posted by Crow on 2011/09/25 at 5:44 PM

    How did the race in the Eastern Conference get even tighter?


  16. Posted by dth on 2011/09/25 at 6:43 PM

    Hey, since we’re having such an informative discussion on Michael Bradley, who’s up for a rousing discussion on politics or religion?


    • Posted by jwrandolph on 2011/09/26 at 7:17 AM

      I’m against them!


      • Was there really a huge comment war this weekend on the subject of Michael Bradley?

        Anyhoo, how about that sunshine and exercise this weekend? I ran around kicking things (not puppies) all day long. There may or may not have been beer involved.


  17. Posted by Gregorio on 2011/09/25 at 7:10 PM

    Do you find the name crusaders for a soccer team to be offensive to muslims? or does ManU nickname of the red devils engageg in the glorification of pagan rituals?
    OK I’ll stop! sorry!


  18. Posted by Crow on 2011/09/26 at 7:39 AM

    Has there not been enough Michael Bradley in your day?! Here is your fix!


    • Posted by Crow on 2011/09/26 at 7:46 AM

      The interview stated that Bradley hasn’t seen a “BRADLEY” Chievo Verona jersey yet. I think a Bradley Verona jersey would be a perfect Christmas present for dikranovich, no?


  19. Posted by Crow on 2011/09/26 at 7:49 AM

    Off topic- Has anyone seen the Iranian soccer film Offside? Fantastic movie. The atmosphere is incredible as they actually shot it during the Irain/Bahrain WCQ. It’s about some girls trying to get into the match.


  20. Posted by Excellency on 2011/09/26 at 10:07 AM

    @matthewsf – how do you feel about calling up Josh Gatt to play against Honduras and Ecuador? we don’t really know how he would do against our South American competition and this would be one opportunity. Where would you put him? I think right back behind Landon would be a good test.


  21. Posted by Jared on 2011/09/26 at 1:09 PM

    Can anyone explain to me how Steve Bruce still has a job at Sunderland? Every summer he seems to sell half the squad and bring in 10 new players only to finish at best midtable. They never seem to have a style of play under him either.


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