Saturday: Your Live Commentary

Arsenal with a beatdown of Chelsea and their backline, 5-3.

Next up: Real Salt Lake and the Seattle Sounders clash in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Game on.

Men in the mirror....

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  1. Posted by Eric on 2011/10/29 at 4:09 AM

    does anyone have a working link for the Everton v United match? thanks


  2. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 4:59 AM

    Walcott’s final ball has been excellent so far. Cannot believe Arsenal did not take either chance.


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/29 at 5:41 AM

      Yeah, he gets a lot of criticism but he’s been pretty good out wide today. Gervinho’s miss was awful


  3. Pathetic Arsenal defending, but good play up the pitch.

    Chelsea like statues on their backline though.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:11 AM

      Defence has been missing, plus the most basic of errors. Could have been 5 or 6 goals in the 1st half alone.


  4. Posted by Jared on 2011/10/29 at 5:45 AM

    Somebody should tell Darke that there’s a chance that the Red Bull v Galaxy match gets snowed out. They are standing in sunshine outside Stamford Bridge while I’m a about 8 miles from Red Bull Arena under a winter storm warning with telling me that I’m going to get 5-8 inches in the next 24 hours.


  5. Posted by dth on 2011/10/29 at 5:58 AM

    When Theo Walcott’s on, boy is he on. Magnificent day today–should have a goal and two assists, most likely.

    When he’s on, you wonder why he can’t do this…all the time.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:09 AM

      The issue for me is for Walcott to find a little consistency when the opponent’s back line play deep, and there isn’t as much space behind for him to use his pace. But this is also a collective problem as Arsenal / England need to circulate the ball quickly in order to stretch defences / pull them out of shape and make space.

      I wish Ramsey was English. Either way, good to see him back after that horrific injury.


      • Posted by dth on 2011/10/29 at 6:16 AM

        Yes…but certainly England cannot complain about the young generation coming up. Aside from the hype–as always overbearing (it’s never as good or as bad as you think it is, England!)–this looks like a very good nucleus for a Olympic squad (even aside from Team GB):

        Gibbs, Smaling, Jones, Henderson, Rodwell, Wilshere, Sturridge, Walcott, Carroll, Cleverley, Welbeck…

        Some genuine quality here. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.


        • Posted by dth on 2011/10/29 at 6:17 AM

          I’m most excited, however, to see how Stuart Pearce will screw this up.


          • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:26 AM

            The problem will be some players will go to the Euros, and the clubs won’t want them to go to both. Then there will be an argument re. pre-season. Club vs. Country yet again…


            • Posted by dth on 2011/10/29 at 6:35 AM

              Yeah, the argument that always gets me is “oh, they need their rest” and “oh, can’t play too many games.” So then why the f@^^@$^ are you sending them circumnavigating the world to play in the hot summer of North America and Asia? Yes, I know–C.R.E.A.M.–but can we at least be honest?

        • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:24 AM

          Martin Kelly, Josh McEchran, Alex Chamberlan, Ross Barkley and Jack Butland are the obvious omissions. I’d also include Wilfred Zaha and Ben Afobe, but the Olympics might be too soon for them?

          They just need to get the opportunity to get playing time…


          • Posted by dth on 2011/10/29 at 6:26 AM

            Oh of course–how’d I forget Kelly. I also liked Liverpool’s young fullbacks Robinson and Flanagan, though Olympics is obviously too soon.

            Is it not too soon for Chamberlain and Butland? Haven’t seen enough of Barkley to form a personal opinion although obviously reviews are spectacular.


            • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:40 AM

              Not sure about other wingers who aren’t involved in the seniors, so that’s why I include Chamberlain. I think Butland and Amos will be the 2 keepers, but Butland has the jersey right now, no? But my opinion somewhat stems from the U21 games…

              I don’t think England are in bad shape, but obviously not shoulder to shoulder with Spain / Germany yout teams. We shall see for the Euro 2013 [U21s] qualification, I guess.

  6. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:11 AM

    In other news…

    Carling Cup quarter-final draw:
    Arsenal v Manchester City
    Chelsea v Liverpool
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace
    Cardiff v Blackburn


  7. Posted by dth on 2011/10/29 at 6:22 AM

    Rosicky? Really? He’s still drawing a salary?

    There are pick-up players around College Park, MD who will do it for cheaper.


  8. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 6:44 AM

    Did not expect Arsenal to win, let alone score 5. Crazy crazy game. Great to watch, but tactically / technically horrendous.


  9. Posted by Jared on 2011/10/29 at 6:58 AM

    Loved seeing Terry end up flat on his face as Van Persie walks in to score.

    Cech does not look convincing out there anymore. Beaten a couple of times at his near post.


    • Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/10/29 at 9:06 AM

      Long time Chelsea supporter, since Frank came on board, but this just needs to get blown up. David Luis is arguably the worst signing in the league. He literally cannot defend and makes one or two laughers a game. Comically bad.
      And for those of you who continue to put up Ramiries as having quality, rewatch this game. Pace. check. Endurance. check. tackling. check. Quality in big spots when you need it at this level…….don’t see it. Aston villa’s calling.
      Torres. Please someone in Spain has to want him and his freaking hair band. Please.
      Terry just needs to go start his reality show career along side Gaza. The big moments are losing out to the lack of pace and the sideshow of his life.


  10. Posted by BK on 2011/10/29 at 7:15 AM

    Nurnberg getting torn apart by Bayern, 3-0 at the half. Chandler at right mid.


  11. Hennesey has been fantastic for Wolves this morning and Wolves are not sitting back like some would think. City has some really great movement off the ball, and I would be a bit surprised if they don’t get one in the second.


    • Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/10/29 at 8:55 AM

      Excellent foreshadowing on Hennesy.

      I’m still in shock from watching Balotelli win the ball on the sideline race 40 yds with the ball, slow down, pull up and look for Yaya toure to run the clock down before Johnsons goal. Mancini has to get credit for getting that goof to play with his brain.


  12. Posted by EFG on 2011/10/29 at 8:45 AM

    Roma v Milan from the Olimpico. A bit of a disappointing start for both squads but I see the winner of this match going on a long unbeaten run. Unless, of course, it’s Roma who will then lose on the road next weekend.


  13. Ugh, Bolton…..


  14. Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Skrtel, Agger, Adam, Lucas, Henderson, Downing, Carroll, Suarez

    Liverpool starting 11.

    Gerrard out with an ankle infection, Carragher out with a calf injury supposedly.


    • Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/10/29 at 9:10 AM

      When does the Carroll show get started? King Kenny’s is on borrowed time here IMO.


      • Honestly one has to look at his positioning in this game and determine if he is going to be up leading the line, banging with defenders and trying to get his head on a ball… or if he is going to hang back and try to play the behind striker role to Suarez. If Carroll keeps doing this small man in a big man body routine, he is not going to find opportunities to score.


        • I think at some point Liverpool are going to need to see something more from downing as well. He just isn’t providing the driving necessary right now to get more vertical. Liverpool have turned into a Serie A side at times, just horizontally passing and not finding their vertical game, which should be through wing play and trying to get Carroll involved in the box rather than outside 25 yards.


          • Posted by john on 2011/10/29 at 10:13 AM

            Downings service has not been good so far.


            • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/29 at 12:20 PM

              You’re right. There is no comparison to the Hodgson because this team is 100 million pounds better in terms of talent. Hodgson was foolish to take over that job considering the clusterbleep behind the scenes.

              Suarez’s finishing should really be a concern for Liverpool. He does very well to get himself into scoring positions but then it seems like he only scores on 1 out of 10.

  15. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/29 at 9:19 AM

    John Terry denies that Robin Van Persie scored a hattrick. “It was just a misunderstanding” he says.


  16. First Half thoughts:

    On WBA: It is akin to watching Liverpool play in the first half of last year. The Hodgson technique of letting them play through, sitting back, lack of pressure, and too little too late coming into the game then leaking a counter attack goal.

    On LFC: Better from the middle and right side, with a bit more vertical from Adam, Lucas and Suarez. Carroll finishes that opportunity well after screwing up his second touch. A fantastic left footed touch for the goal though. As with any big man his success depends on the service he receives and the ball from Lucas to Suarez to Carroll was fantastic.

    Liverpool go as Suarez right now, it is his team to be sure.


  17. Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/10/29 at 8:39 PM

    Wow golazo de Saborio


  18. Posted by Alex on 2011/10/29 at 10:48 PM

    Anybody else think Seattle really misses Mauro Rosales? Christ, damn you Zemanski


  19. Posted by john on 2011/10/30 at 11:00 AM

    I was extremely impressed with RSL, they really dominated Seattle and put them off their game.


  20. Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 12:18 PM

    The field at Red Bull Arena looks terrible. MLS can’t even clean up snow without screwing it up. NFL teams clear fields of snow all the time and I’ve never seen one with so many huge tractor tread gouges.


  21. Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 12:24 PM

    Bad miss from Magee as Ream ball watched. Ream left two guys alone behind him in the box on the Keane shot.


  22. Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 12:34 PM

    Red Bull needs better fullback play, and could use some more pace to get more space.

    In general, fullback play has been a little lacking in MLS this year.


  23. Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 12:53 PM

    It looks like MB90 is going to be in for another relegation dogfight this year as Chievo slide down the table. Goal scoring seems to be a huge issue with that club.


  24. Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 1:55 PM

    Medhi Ballouchy is really a better option here than Agudelo? O RLY?


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 2:12 PM

      Are we sure that Backe was awake in the second half? How do you only make one sub when you’re losing by 1? Not only that but he didn’t even make it until the 78th minute.

      He needs to be fired.


      • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 2:17 PM

        Agree there. I’m far more outraged at the terrible coaching by Backe than I am at the antics of Henry and Marquez. I have no problem with what Henry was doing, and while Marquez is obnoxious, what he did is going to be way overblown.

        Backe’s mismanagement is far more embarrassing for the league than tempers flying in the postgame.


  25. Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 2:13 PM

    I love the outrage over Marquez from the MLS homers who think they know more about the league than anyone. Steve Davis, Eric Wynalda, John Godfrey. Probably Lalas.

    Listen, if you want the MLS to be taken seriously, you are going to have put up with the “antics” that are common with the sport throughout the world. Is Marquez a punk? Sure. Has he always been a punk? YES! I know he’s had an off-season, but I always find it hilarious when all of these “MLS czars” (the aforementioned names) get all worked up over the European imports like Beckham, Henry, and Marquez ‘acting out’.

    Say what you want about those players. But, they also happen to be (with the exception of Marquez) the best players in the league. Give me a break with this sanctimonious outrage. We know its not the best part of the sport, but it is what is is.


    • Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 2:15 PM

      Uh, no. Marquez is a punk and should be disciplined harshly.


      • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 2:23 PM

        Fine punish him, make an example and move on with it. But I’m tired of this sanctimonious outrage. What was so punk-ish? He threw a soccer ball at someone. Big deal. Then Cristman, a classic example of MLS-lifer with a chip on his shoulder, shoves Marquez around and the typical soccer fight happens. Someone dives, no one really punches anyone, and the media is outraged.

        This is nothing compared to the antics of Joey Barton, Luis Suarez, de Jong.


        • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 2:25 PM

          I would say throwing a ball at someone is the definition of a punk move.


        • Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 2:26 PM

          So because there are worse jerks than Marquez makes Marquez not a jerk? That doesn’t make sense.

          Somehow hundreds of thousands of losing players play thousands of games yearly worldwide without throwing a ball and trying to headbutt someone as a cheapshot. I don’t understand how anything but strong criticism is warranted. It’s embarrassing behavior, and one that Marquez has a long history of doing.


      • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 2:23 PM

        Well hopefully that will be the last game Marquez plays in MLS. He was red carded after the match. Red Bulls aren’t going to win in LA with or without him.


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 2:18 PM

      There should be outrage over what Marquez has brought to the league. He’s a thug and he’s always been a thug. When the going gets tough, Marquez starts cheap shotting people.


      • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 2:24 PM

        I don’t like Marquez. I’m just tired of these MLS commentators saying “get him out of our league!”. Give me a break.


        • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 2:27 PM

          I think he should be out of the league but not for disciplinary reasons. He’s a waste of a roster spot and a large amount of money. He also only brings negative publicity to MLS and leads to the continued belief that MLS is a retirement league.


          • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/30 at 6:36 PM

            Isn’t it?


            • Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/10/30 at 7:54 PM

              Shhhh George. We dont use words like “retirement” here! “Transition” is more fitting.

            • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/31 at 4:26 AM

              We know it is but MLS keeps trying to get people to think it isn’t yet still brings over a guy like Rafa that treats it that way.

            • Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 8:01 AM

              Most of the union players are younger than me and I’m 26. I think its a developmental league other than crap teams like the Red Bulls.

        • Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 2:27 PM

          Well, he contributes nothing and has had all sorts of embarrassing behavior over this year. I don’t see any justification for New York keeping him.


          • Posted by Ufficio on 2011/10/30 at 3:23 PM

            Hey, taking himself out of the next leg in exchange for Juninho’s absence might be the best thing he’s done for NYRB.


            • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 3:40 PM

              Donovan on Red Bulls: “In all my years in this league I have not played against a cheaper team than that…We’ve seen that stuff all year.”

              Honestly, when Landon starts whining, is when I start caring less about complaints against NY.

        • Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/10/30 at 4:02 PM

          you’ve picked an odd battle here. that was bush league even for Marquez, The outrage is pretty much just people trying to get their head around just how lame his behavior and performance was this entire season on and off the field. My first thought was that he’s just looking to get out of there as soon as possible and this pretty much punched his ticket.

          Good riddance to an awful human being…


          • Posted by Crow on 2011/10/30 at 8:33 PM

            Thank you! I don’t believe I’ve ever abhorred an athlete or human being more than Rafa Marquez. He is a disgrace to soccer, the Red Bulls, the Mexican National Team, and humanity in general. My favorite part of his whole act was him barely hitting the guy with the soccer ball he threw, and then wildly flailing back after he was “attacked by a fly” (John Harkes with a good observation for once!).

            Marquez is lucky he is not a fan. He could have got an assault charge for those “punches” he was trying to throw.


        • Posted by kaya on 2011/10/30 at 5:06 PM

          You know what, I think he should get the hell out of the league. He’s not only a primadonna who can’t be bothered to work up a mild sweat, the only investment he can seem to make towards his team is to engage in this crappy play-acting.
          I love how towards the end Tim had to “hold him back.”
          It’s not hard for me to find reasons to dislike players, but Marquez has flung himself into an entirely different dimension this season.
          Re: Donovan’s comment – why should he hide the dirty laundry the Red Bulls themselves can’t be bothered to put away?


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/30 at 6:43 PM

      The outrage has happened because people aren’t used to “seeing this side of the game” – this sort of stuff happens post-game all the time, except that it’s usually in the tunnel [out of public view]. It’s called testosterone and bad sportmanship, no? I am sure Lalas can provide example of this “when he played in Serie A or during the World Cup Finals”…

      Fine NYRBs and LAG and move on. No story here.


      • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 8:48 PM


        Marquez has done this his entire career. As have MANY successful players. And yet, he does it in the MLS and everyone gets all riled up. Every single soccer league, and more generally, every single sport has “villains” who exhibit bad sportsmanship. I mean, what bugs me more than anything, isn’t that Marquez is being called a punk. He IS a punk. What bothers me, is all of these MLS fans who think that the Marquez’s of the world are polluting their league. I can’t stand the argument that he should be “kicked out of the league” as if the MLS is in some position to only allow players in the league who exhibit “good sportsmanship”. That is a dialogue that I find embarrassing as someone who wants the MLS to be taken seriously by the rest of the world.

        Is he a jerk? Yes. Is it worth being offended over? No. Time to move on. No story indeed.


      • Posted by kaya on 2011/10/31 at 10:47 AM

        If he weren’t making $5 million a year in a league where the average pay is $50,000, I wouldn’t really care, but since he is, and the DP’s are there to enrich a growing league, it’s offensive.


        • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/31 at 2:27 PM

          Was that an “Occupy” type rant?

          Don’t blame a bloke for taking an offer – you’d take it, and so would I, even though we wouldn’t ‘enrich’ the league. Blame those who made the offer.


  26. Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 2:28 PM

    Farfan should have been ejected. Exciting game otherwise.

    Guess we’re in the down cycle of Freddy Adu hype at the moment?


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/30 at 3:03 PM

      Jair Marrufo really likes to hand out cards.

      I can never tell where we are are on the Adu hype cycle. It seems to change every game.


  27. Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 3:41 PM

    Anyone think McInerney looks a little like Eric Wynalda?

    In terms of his actual play…I wish McInerney were a bit faster. He only would need a little bit…


    • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 3:46 PM

      Why no Adu? Anyone?


      • Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/10/30 at 4:26 PM

        Watching him perform and not really impressed with his contribution much. Another “professional” soccer player who can’t hit a volley from an easy pop up ball. Once again the level of technical play in MLS is really not very good.
        And while I’m ranting, was it Matthew who has been chanting for Will Bruin on the MNT this season? What is it about slow and technically weak that caused you to fall so hard for him?

        Talylor Twellman and John harkes have been hanging out and exchanging color commentary tips apparently. Rising to Harkes level of consistently delivering a “punch me in the face” performance.


      • Posted by Crow on 2011/10/30 at 8:34 PM

        I’m not surprised Adu did not start. I knew Nowak would go super-conservative but Adu was terrible in the Toronto and Red Bulls games at the end of the year, so he didn’t deserve it anyway. He looked decent in his limited minutes. The Union will need good Freddy on Thursday.


    • Posted by Eric on 2011/10/30 at 4:44 PM

      Kind of agree. I see JacMac becoming more of Josh Wolff player. He strikes me as the type of player who will always be borderline US national team player and always a solid consistent scorer in MLS but never spectacular enough to be a true star.


      • Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/10/30 at 7:55 PM

        Doesnt he have like 1 goal in 19 league appearances this year?


        • Posted by dth on 2011/10/30 at 9:17 PM

          The trouble is that McInerney only gets time in 10, 15 minute spurts and never gets a chance to get in a rhythm.

          Nevertheless, if you look at his goals/90 minute ratio, it’s a respectable .39. That’s….exactly the same as Juan Agudelo’s, to take one example.

          Of course Agudelo has a much higher upside, given his ability to do the other stuff, but if you’re a goals fundamentalist McInerney is someone to keep an eye on, especially given the oddness of his playing time.


          • Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 8:14 AM

            I have high hopes for McInerney but I haven’t been real impressed with him this year. It’s hard to develop when you receive so little playing time, though.

            Last night was poor. He hit the crossbar with the header, but he should have got a shot off or drawn a penalty against Cameron. The worst was his weak little header trying to center in the box that killed an awesome scoring chance. He seemed timid on the ball as well.


  28. Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/10/30 at 4:13 PM

    Adu is playing the Beckham role….


    • Posted by Union on 2011/10/30 at 4:24 PM

      Adu was in the game for 10 minutes and had 2 great balls from distance. He is a liability in the air and he at times doesn’t move to the ball enough, but his touch is first class. Don’t understand the Nowak/Backe mentality of sitting guys like Adu/Agudelo on the bench when they are down in important games.


      • Posted by Eric on 2011/10/30 at 4:33 PM

        I have a huge problem with Backe leaving Agudelo out but I’m not that upset with Nowak concerning Adu. Adu has all the talent in the world, but he has been hampered by injuries and I’m not sure he’s back to full fitness. Honestly, besides the flashes, he hasn’t shown enough since he’s arrived to tell me that he absolutely deserves to start.

        Besides, I think Nowak has to shape their play entirely around Adu for him to be effective. I’m not sure that’s worth it when you can just use Roger Torres who provides some similar qualities (maybe not quite the same level of course) but still fits in with the Union’s game plan easier.


  29. Posted by Eric on 2011/10/30 at 5:56 PM

    2-0 Sporting in the 58th minute. Bunbury just earned a pk after scoring the first.

    Hate to say it but the play should never have happened. Bunbury’s first touch was horrible and gave Marshall the chance to recover and make the foul. If Teal’s first touch hadn’t popped up on him so badly he would have scored without having been touched.


  30. Posted by Crow on 2011/10/30 at 8:28 PM

    Got back from the Union game. Glad I watched some of the highlights- I thought the 2nd goal was offside but it was very clear that Valdes kept him onside. Very disappointing game considering they had lost once at home all year, but with the way Philly and Houston were playing, I shouldn’t be surprised.

    When I saw Miglioranzi was in the starting lineup, I just had to shake my head. I get it- Nowak wants to start super conservative (did not work!) to not give up an away goal… but the guy hadn’t played in a long time! I have no idea why he wasn’t taken out at halftime, especially when Houston got the 2nd away goal.

    Gabriel Farfan is lucky he wasn’t ejected and had a very poor game. I love Wiliams but Houston was dirty/physical with him all night and got in his head. Hall made some nice saves, I really thought the Union would get a draw.

    I did not appreciate the theatrics of Houston- alot of diving (not from Brad Davis- he is truly a class player), alot of whining to the refs, faking injuries, and lots of obscenities and obscene gestures from the players coming off the field. I’m sorry Houston, but you are going to get some heat for your antics- deal with it. Houston was talking ALOT of trash coming off the field. I hope they realize there is a 2nd game.

    I despise Brian Ching- always have. I don’t know how a guy as big as him can fall so easily. One of the very few players I can’t stand who have wore the National Team shirt. Brad Davis deserves to be captain and not Ching. Captains are supposed to behave in a higher manner. Bob Bradley was not the problem- you were Ching.

    Finally, the officiating was very, very poor. There were several instances where the linesman (or official would overrule) incorrectly made or missed offside calls. Alot of goofy fouls being called or bad fouls being missed. Ching was throwing elbows around and Valdes retaliated and was lucky to not get booked. The worst was once in the 2nd half the ball clearly rolled out of bounds slowly off of Houston (right in front of the linesman) and the linesman ruled a Houston throw in. It was embarrassing how a linesman could miss such a simple call. If the MLS wants to be taken seriously, it needs to get some competent officials.

    Nowak- I hope you have a better gameplan on Thursday. You got out-coached going with a Bob Bradley special lineup. And why was the Union so poor on set pieces in the 1st half? Defending set pieces should have been priority #1 in practice.


    • Posted by Scipio on 2011/10/30 at 9:17 PM

      Not going to disagree with you, but I would like to point out that there was far too much diving and rough play on both sides. Normally I like it when teams get physical and refs swallow their whistles, but damn! Far, far too sloppy; not many players in the world could shine in that physical shit show. Game was exciting till the end though.

      Brian Ching is a better human being than a lot of people in this world. He’s won sportsmanship awards, and does a lot of work with habitat for humanity. I don’t know if its personal bias or what, but I don’t agree with your assessment of his behavior. It’s one thing to criticize a guy for being old, slow, unbalanced (you also failed to mention that he has zero touch and tunnel vision). Personal attacks are not classy.

      Obligatory “why hasn’t US called up Davis, Cameron (excellent game tonight for the most part), Le Toux, Mwanga?” Funny that every one of them actually played well enough to warrant the question.

      inb4 “CITIZENSHIPZ!!”


      • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/31 at 4:31 AM

        I’d be all for Le Toux getting a call up when he gets citizenship but he’s not allowed to take free kicks. That free kick in the first half that he smashed into the middle of the wall at belt height was awful. Even worse than Donovan.


        • Posted by Ufficio on 2011/10/31 at 9:18 AM

          LeToux’s 27 and he got his green card last year, iirc. He’ll be pretty close to 32, and will have missed the 2014 cycle by the time he’s eligible for a US call-up. I don’t see it ever happening.


          • Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 9:23 AM

            I agree even though it makes me sad. Id love to have a classy and hard working player like Le Toux to play for the National Team if he had the desire.


      • Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 7:50 AM

        My main problem with Brian Ching was the fact he acted like a spoiled infant after he didn’t get called up to the World Cup squad and the way he reacted to Bob Bradley getting fired. He should be thankful he was ever called up to the National Team. He is one of the least talented players ever to receive a cap.

        And I don’t know how you can call a player a sportsman when he consistently throws elbows, dives, kicks at players, etc. I’ve seen Ching do this a couple of times now.

        I’m glad Ching has done work with charity, but a lot of players and people have. Heck, I spend several hundred hours every year involved in charitable work. That has nothing to do with the way he acts on the soccer field though.

        At least he wasn’t obscenely mouthing off like some of the Houston players and the one coach.


  31. Posted by Jake Claro on 2011/10/30 at 10:58 PM

    Absolutely hilarious.

    And I’m sorry Union, but stuff like this, and the throw prior, do deserve outrage–pretty pathetic to see a grown man act like he did after the game, and do a face clutch when running into his own player. Don’t care who you are, or what league you play in, it doesn’t need to be in the game and I wouldn’t want it on my team to be honest–particularly because Marquez has a long history of this type of behavior.

    But yeah, Backe was probably more offensive despite all of the after game histrionics.


    • Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 7:58 AM

      Marquez should retire and anyone defending him is just doing so to start an argument. He doesn’t belong in any league, hes washed up, and was overrated skill wise in his prime. His conduct on the field is disgusting. How isn’t he as bad as de jong? He has caused injuries and heck he spiked TIM Howard in the groin!


  32. Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 8:26 AM

    Anyone else realize Mondragon’s last win came in July? MacMath didn’t lose a game the whole time he was in the lineup. I know you have to start Mondragon but he has looked very hesitant since his return. His decision making and positioning has been poor at times. I don’t know why he was so hesitant on the 2nd Houston goal, and why he left so much space open at the near post. Valdes was coming over from the side- make the player shoot to the far post. Odds are it is blocked or goes wide.

    The fault still lies with Valdes for that goal. The play would have easily been offside but Valdes did everything in his power to make sure it was inside. valdes has been great most of the year buy has made a few very stupid defensive mistakes at key moments.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/10/31 at 2:33 PM

      The name “Mondragon” make me laugh because everytime I see or hear it, I think of Harkes…


      • Posted by crow on 2011/11/02 at 8:54 AM

        Who’s better at pronouncing Spanish names? John Harkes or Christopher Sullivan? 😉


  33. Posted by crow on 2011/10/31 at 8:38 AM

    One last comment- after seeing Davis and Cameron last night I am ready for them to get a National Team call up. They were both outstanding sadly.


    • Posted by Jared on 2011/10/31 at 2:41 PM

      Those two definitely deserve more than a Camp Cupcake look. Unfortunately, Davis is nearly 30 so I doubt we’ll see him get a call up for more than that.

      Cameron definitely deserves a shot. Not sure what else he could do in MLS to earn it.


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