PSA: The RC Foxes, I Thought American Soccer Was Growing?

Freddy Field in Texas: Built on a labor of love & life celebration and with dollars earned exclusively through donation..

TSG gets a lot of impassioned pleas to help out through publicity or promotion for one cause or another.

They all resonate (The Freddy Fund, Little Feet, Soccer Without Borders, Street Soccer USA, all…..of…..them) and the only reason we don’t publicize all of them is lack of time or editorial schedule balance. This is a soccer publication and one of our strongest foundation’s is that we believe soccer is the ultimate team sport, educating on human interaction at all competition levels.

The request below is one we get frequently–about a club (or league or more) on the verge of closing up shop who needs funding–who needs some promotion and fan intervention.

First off, it’s fair to not be a financially viable option–hell even NPR isn’t without contributions. With that said, there seems to be a disconnect with how much the soccer has grown in the United States and it’s success as an entity (The Austin Aztex) on lower levels.

The RC (Real Colorado) Foxes are being put to a vote (or the sword tonight) for the right to continue as a semi-pro team….meanwhile Fox Soccer paid double the fee to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cups as ESPN did for 2010 and 2014.

Where does that chasm come from? It just doesn’t compute.

Take a look at the plea below–and is per usual here at TSG, we ask you to sign the petition, like their Facebook page or even if you feel up for it ring your congressman up to a 100 times or until he or she picks up and give them an earful.

Okay, not that last one.

Can’t the next Jay DeMerit come up through US ranks?


Save the RC Foxes

My name is Jonathan Boraz and I am a Real Colorado Foxes fan. I grew up playing in the Real Colorado system and have followed the team ever since. As a fan of the team I didn’t think my cries for help would be enough so I asked my friend, Real Colorado Foxes player Julian Donaldson, to make an impassioned plea.

The Foxes are set to be removed as a functioning program of the youth club Real Colorado.

The club’s board does not see the team’s financial gain and believes it is not a valuable asset to the club.

They don’t believe it is part of the clubs mission of youth soccer as well.

Tough times financially are being put on the Foxes, rightly or wrongly.

The Foxes were one of the top teams in the PDL last year, scoring over 50 goals and being just edged out from the playoffs on a debatable goal.

What’s needed is sponsors and more support throughout the state and the nation.

It is not about money for the players, as none get paid and many work during the season to support themselves.

They love being part of the club and helping the youth community through camps, skills coaching, and being leaders on and off the pitch.

There is a need for that in the society we live in today and it is seeing as a priceless asset to those who support the Foxes. It would be a sad day for myself as a player to see it go away and for the supporters.

It would be a missed chance to work with a talented set of guys who love the game and love giving back to the game that continues to give to them.

The Foxes isn’t a men’s team, it is the quintessential example of what a football team should be, mentors, blue collar workers, and community activist. Show support email the club, the vote is tonight!

Please if you would:

Send a support note club this evening here and just say you support their need to stay in “business”.

Like their Facebook page (even if you remove that in a month or so because Facebook tries to sell you a bunch of stuff.)

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  1. Posted by Matt on 2011/11/01 at 7:33 PM

    I really love the support, we’re going through a similar process here in Akron, Ohio. We have one of the best programs and Top 5 attendance in college soccer, but we couldn’t get more than 120 soccer fans out to watch a new Akron PDL club this past summer. Its said to say, it might not be back in 2012. I guess we still have our University of Akron soccer program.


  2. Thanks for all the help guys. This is a team qualified for the US open cup and made it to the round just before MLS competition, Something my Rapids haven’t done in years. They are tremendous role models who play not for a pay check, but for the love of the game, a game they pass onto youths through coaching teams and clinics on their time. This program played a big part in my life and I would hate to see it ripped away as a line item on a budget! Save the Foxes


  3. Good luck Foxes. Someone should tell the board that a PDL or NPSL team is a competitive advantage over other youth clubs and should be leveraged as such.


  4. Posted by Antonio H. on 2011/11/02 at 2:46 PM

    O/T but the u-23 roster is out!


  5. […] 22. I was unable to make it down there for the opening, but the good folks at GoodFootball and the ShinGuardian have helped spread the word nationwide about the the cause and what the field stands for. I am […]


  6. […] the relatively low attendance seen this past year. This is sort of typical of PDL teams – see the case with the RC Foxes for illustration. There’s a few reasons you should want the team in town. Some of them […]


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