Nostalgia: World Cup 2010: USA 2 (3) – Slovenia 2

For TSG’s USA – Slovenia Preview, click here.

World Cup 2010 gave US fans four full games of drama. Group stage game two was of course against the relatively-unknown Slovenia. Charlie Brown put a hurt on the Yanks in the 1st half, but the States would storm back and make more than a game of it.


Perhaps TSG’s favorite goal celebration of all-time in this one. Jozy Altidore bring it’s down. Michael Bradley pokes it home. Bradley immediately wildly waves the US bench over to join him at the corner flag. So many players celebrate themselves or have a premeditated routine. Bradley’s celebration screamed “Team”–a dramatic moment.


More legacy USA vs. Slovenia coverage:

“Donovan for P.M.?” — Fan Diary: The Slovenian Roller Coaster

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Colin on 2011/11/15 at 6:16 AM

    That fan diary looks familiar..Nice.

    That game spoiled just about every other sporting event that I have been to since…except for the game against Algeria a few days later. Itll be tough to live up to.


  2. […] Shin Guardian fondly remembers the USA’s 2010 World Cup victory over Slovenia. Then they look at USA against France […]


  3. Posted by DC Pete on 2011/11/15 at 10:53 AM

    Always enjoy that highlight reel. The ultimate walk down memory lane for me is the 2002 USA compilation. Anyway, this Slovenia match was good. We were down and out in the tournament until Donovan’s goal. Bradley was good; funny how this key game is not mentioned much by his detractors. If you score a goal in a world cup game that earns the team a point or points, I would think that’s a pretty impressive bullet point on your resume.


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