Happy Holidays from The Shin Guardian!

Our 3rd year with a holiday card–in fact, we may actually have two!

(click to enlarge)


This one a popular play on the original “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was done, superbly, by Robert Kammel of kammel+morgan design group. Great work, Robert. Thank you.

….and, of course, Happy Holidays and and a very Merry Christmas from The Shin Guardian! Thanks for another great year!

Thank you.

9 responses to this post.

  1. I love it, especially because of the depressing undertones.


  2. Posted by BernieBernier on 2011/12/20 at 4:07 PM

    I refuse to put Stu in that category yet. The injury’s were freak plays on the field. I am worried he will be this generation’s JOB but hoepfully at least his 2014 will be his WC akin to JOB’s 2002 WC.

    Nice card despite the fact that it bummed me out a little.


  3. Posted by Alex on 2011/12/20 at 4:07 PM

    Just like Stuart Holden to be cheesing through thick and thin. Very fitting though


  4. Posted by Matt Mathai on 2011/12/21 at 9:00 AM

    Love the image, but I do agree that including Holden is a bit premature.


  5. Posted by dude on 2011/12/25 at 2:41 PM

    Brilliant. Hope it’s wrong about Holden.

    Holden could still recover, he’s not a lily. He just happened to be exposed to incredibly vicious tackles by players who shouldn’t even be allowed to kick the ball.


  6. Posted by John Henry on 2011/12/26 at 6:48 PM

    Question for the tactics-savvy folk: Replace Carrol with Dempsey, and Liverpool score one of those sloppy chances today, am I right? I know we’re all on a dempsey high, but there are a couple “Big 6” teams that could use someone like him. I.e., someone who scores ugly consistently (and sometimes beautifully), i.e., someone to put in all those wasted crosses the pool sent in to no one all game. (What is the purpose of Carrol if not that?? useless)


    • Posted by Martin on 2011/12/26 at 8:58 PM

      I don’t know much about Carrol except that he hasn’t been with LIverpool very long. In fact, that particular squad hasn’t been together that long as well.

      Clint has been at Fulham a while. The basic core has been there with him and they know how to use him and play well together by now.

      Yes, Clint is the best at making something out of nothing but, on the other hand, there is no guarantee that Clint would not have an adjustment period similar to what Carrol is going through now. Carrol is young and the suspicion would be that he will eventually work out and allow Liverpool to recoup their investment. Given Duece’s age, this is much less certain and may be one of the reasons why Dempsey’s transfer future may be limited.


    • Posted by SamT on 2011/12/27 at 8:22 AM

      Dirk Kuyt is that guy for Liverpool. The man is a prolific ugly goal scorer. Still agree with the premise, though, that Liverpool could get good production from Dempsey.


      • And honestly, Kuyt and Dempsey could probably coexist pretty well – the Flying Dutchman winds up on the flank often enough that he and Clint would actually be able to cycle laterally with ease, which seems like a good thing considering doing so would free up that space behind Suarez, giving the middies a chance to push forward.


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