SOPA? Shortly to be NOPA

Not the NY Cosmos MLS bid here...


Imagine a world where Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner’s shady dealings weren’t illuminated…to all?

Or better? That Lionel Messi’s brilliance wasn’t on display for the world prostrate.

(Our two cents: SOPA was never going to come to be both politically and technically. Politically, difficult for a government representative to get behind an act that curbs public freedoms especially at a time where the economy is still wreaking havoc on the “not 1%.” Technically, for every limiter on the web there has always been and always will be a work around.)


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  1. Posted by ByronValleJr on 2012/01/18 at 6:48 AM

    Hey thanks for taking a stand. I was the one on twitter who asked you about this. Whether you think its a real threat or not one at all, these bills both SOPA & PIPA threaten us immensely. Imagine an internet where a comment on one of these threads where a copyrighted image or video brings down your whole site. No more, as you pointed out, sweet vids of Messi running circles around the opposition. Or heck even those bar scenes of Landon scoring THE GOAL ( a video I watch most every day ). As someone who has fought for the freedom of this country in war I find it troubling that suits in Washington have the audacity to undermine the blood sweat and tears of those who came before us or that someone who doesnt know what a twitter or a blog is can judge a community as a whole. Again thanks for supporting the beginning of the of SOPA & PIPA.

    /end Rant


    • Posted by Antonio H. on 2012/01/18 at 6:05 PM

      I’m with you brother.

      Lawmakers were essentially trying to sneak this one up on us because.for a while now(understatement) the American public on average has been so complacent and indifferent about our fundamental rights. It’s easy to not care and turn away from something instead of taking pride in what you believe in and fighting for your values.


  2. > Technically, for every limiter on the web there has always been and always will be a work around.

    You shouldn’t believe that.

    Think about China; sure there are workarounds, but they are expensive, complicated, and often fail.

    Don’t let our government create a society where access to information is even more divided by class than it already is. These sorts of bills require us to pay attention and fight.


  3. Posted by SamT on 2012/01/18 at 8:19 AM

    I live in Minnesota, and we never thought a poorly conceived and poorly written state law allowing concealed carry of firearms (in places like office buildings, restaurants, ball parks) would come to pass.

    But it did.

    And now every visitor to every building in the state is greeted with a sign indicating, in bold type no less than 150pt size: “[COMPANY] BANS GUNS ON THESE PREMISES.”

    And we’re not even a red state. Stupid laws happen, particularly when not enough people are paying attention.


  4. Posted by sfshwebb on 2012/01/18 at 8:43 AM

    Sadly, this could mean I don’t put my favorite picture(s) of Ribery and his wife, to illustrate a point or “strengthen ” an article


  5. Well look at this, matthewsf dipping into politics! I agree, I don’t imagine SOPA/PIPA to last very long either, especially with Senators Leahy and now Rubio (co-sponsors of PIPA) backing down. Great to see the Web taking a stand (though this wikipedia black-out is killing me right now).

    I thrive on my weekly PL action streamed online. Would hate to see that compromised. Very lucky to get more than one game televised each week.


  6. Posted by kaya on 2012/01/18 at 10:23 AM

    Thankfully, the SOPA issue is finally getting real exposure. A few weeks ago it was hardly on anyone’s radar and now we’re seeing lawmakers back off. The pressure needs to be kept up, however.
    I hadn’t seen that Messi clip before; I can’t imagine not being able to show it to my petite 3 year old (who just started in a 3-5 yo league where she’s the smallest) for encouragement that you don’t need size to be good.


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