The Chicago Fire Turn It Up in 2012

Thanks for the media kit guys. A classy re-introduction of the franchise.


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  1. Nice, I hope you also got one of their classy new Away shirts too.


  2. Posted by Jim on 2012/01/25 at 7:12 AM

    Cool video. As D.C. supporter, I find those fire shirts ugly and offensive. As an MLS observer, I’m glad they were able to find a good sponsorship partner.


  3. Posted by Crow on 2012/01/25 at 8:17 AM

    This may sound like and may be a ridiculous comment, but hear me out. Chicago is my favorite American city even though I’ve only ever visited. Two of my favorite professional sports teams are from Chicago- the Cubs and the Bulls. It is a great sports city, there is great support for all of the teams…. But the Fire. It doesn’t make any sense- Chicago is the 3rd biggest city in the USA and has a large Hispanic and European descent population. Is it just the fact that there is no soccer specific stadium? I would really like to know even though I’m not a Chicago Fire fan. I would think that the Fire should have maybe the best support in the league- at least better than the other big cities’ clubs- LA and New York.

    Ironically, or not, on FIFA 12’s EA Sports Football Club (which gives the club you support points for everything you do in the game) Seattle, Portland, Philly, Toronto, and Salt Lake are routinely in the top 5 every week. Chivas USA and the Chicago Fire are dead last every week. I don’t know if we should look at a video game to determine the passion of a fan base but I would argue that Seattle, Portland, Philly, Toronto, and Salt Lake have the 5 best fan support/home atmospheres in the league while Chicago and Chivas are among the worst.


    • Negative ghostrider! Section 8 and the support in Chicago have just been suffering a downturn in performance in the last few years.

      check this out. Three years ago.


      • Posted by Crow on 2012/01/25 at 2:41 PM

        I’m familiar with Section 8- I’m a fan of all things supporter section related. I dream of every MLS venue being intimidating (not hooliganism but loud and passionate). Most venues in MLS are improving, so that’s why its disconcerting to me to see Chicago’s support dwindling. I remember watching when the Union visited last year and my reaction was: “What happened?”

        It’s good to see Chicago get a shirt sponsor. I can’t believe that quality franchises such as Kansas City, Colorado, and Columbus are not able to.


        • I think it has just been a downturn in play really. In many places fans fill out the ranks when the team is winning. The fire haven’t made the playoffs in two seasons (since the above linked 2009)

          If they show an improvement this year you will probably see the crowds grow again.

          Colorado hasn’t gotten one because they are Stan Kroenke’s forgotten children, and their ownership has been (in the past) awful. I would expect KC to get one soon, and I do not have enough information on the part of Columbus to know.


          • Posted by Crow on 2012/01/25 at 4:47 PM

            Hopefully with Oduro and great young players like Sean Johnson, more people turn out. The run the Fire went on at the end of last year was unbelievable. The MLS needs every franchise (especially the big markets) to be healthy.


  4. Posted by dth on 2012/01/25 at 4:04 PM

    Well, if we’re going to complain about various aspects of the Fire organization:

    The Fire should have one of the best academies in the U.S.–they should be on par with the Dallases and They are not. It’s a tremendous wasted opportunity on their part.


  5. Posted by Crow on 2012/01/25 at 5:19 PM

    By the way, with all the cool new kits for the upcoming season (I especially like the Galaxy’s home kit, clean and sharp looking) why does the Union’s have to be so garishly ugly?


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