Transfer Day Ticking: Who’s Your Muppet?

Man City here we come!

Which muppet is your team bringing in:

Done: Sebu LeToux to Vancouver Whitecaps. Return package: Allocation money!

Rumored: Bobby Zamora to QPR

The skinny: Martin Jol and the would-be England Euros’ striker Zamora have had some flame-ups and a former Fulham man is no in charge of QPR

Done: Luis Saha to Spurs….yes you read that right

The skinny: If you’re Everton and Dan Levy inquires about Luis Saha how do you now do either the: a) “oh god, oh please, oh please” routine or b) “Dan, c’mon. Okay, what’s Rednapp’s tramp stamp tattoo say?” routine. About how long do you thing Everton tried to play it cool on that one.

Done: Ryo Miyaichi from Arsenal to Bolton on loan

The skinny: Bolton was looking for this year’s Daniel Sturridge and after either getting negged on players or being unimpressed they finally settle here for the Arsenal Man from Japan. This is nearly a straight on swap into the line-up for the injured Lee Chung-Yong.

(add to threads below if you would during day….)

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  1. Posted by Robin on 2012/01/31 at 10:27 AM

    saha is not a bad deal for spurs. now they can ship out Pav who is useless, and gain a player who is used to playing a lone striker to back up Adebayor. And he’s happy as a backup, costs nothing, and is sometimes a decent striker. So this long time spurs fan says – pretty good. good for everton too, as he’s not a striker to keep you in Europe (or even the premiership). Prob also ship Pienaar back to Everton, esp if they successfully acquire Marko Marin, which would be a huge plus.


  2. Im a Whitecaps supporter. I am confused at why we need so many forwards…unless we go for a 4-0-6 formation or sell a player or two…


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2012/01/31 at 10:40 AM

      I would say this Patrick. Always great to have a plethora of options. Injuries happen and players want out.

      Maybe Salgado or hassli goes during the campaign?

      Vancouver can now deal from strength a little more–I think they’re the clear winner here.


    • Posted by dth on 2012/01/31 at 10:42 AM

      You don’t need that many forwards, but any time you get a chance to pick up a player the caliber of Le Toux, you go do it.


  3. Posted by crow on 2012/01/31 at 1:38 PM

    I’m not trying to be melodramatic but today is one of the saddest days for me as a sports fan in my lifetime. The only thing that even comes close to this was when Brian Dawkins was let go and at least that made sense. Never have I seen a player give more to a team and a community than Le Toux. In just two years he became one of my favorite athletes ever. And he’s shipped out to pay Freddy Adu’s salary. The kid who redefines underachievement annually and doesn’t give a **** about the Union. The Union have lost several season ticket orders I’ve seen today including mine.

    How are the Union in trouble financially? They don’t even have a DP!! This is all about Sakiewicz and Nowak’s egos. My disgust for them continues to grow. Everbody knows that Nowak is a power freak but now I can see the Red Bulls fans were right about Sakiewicz too.


    • While probably troubling (if he is your favorite player) it might help to step back a bit, breathe, and realize you support the Union not the Philadelphia LeToux’s. That also means you can make fun of Nowak if you want.


      • Posted by crow on 2012/01/31 at 4:41 PM

        I’ll get over it in time but its heartbreaking bc Le Toux wanted to stay and there is no rational explanation. Nowak and Sakiewicz are an absolute disgrace. Practically the entire fan base wants to run them out of town and it will be easier to fully support the Union when they’re gone. He meant much more to the team and community than they ever will.

        Can’t wait to watch Nowak deploy a 5-3-2 and play Roger Torres 15 min per game this year… On my TV


  4. Posted by crow on 2012/01/31 at 1:41 PM

    Btw if you are a Union fan there is a going away event for Le Toux tonight in West Chester.


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