MLS Week 6 Predictions: Haiku?! God Bless You.

The best restaurant in Portland...that would be Screen Door.

John Nyen has moved back to Portland. Everything is slower. Especially the previews. When you ride a fixie with Toms on.

Ahhh life… wonderful, painful and sometimes quite busy. I managed to watch a fair number of games this week and even attend one.

This week, my pithy analysis will be replaced entirely by Haikus. Almost certainly, I will actually screw up the necessary 5-7-5.


I went 2 – 6 again this week, which honestly was expected. However, I took heart from looking at the win percentage and overall picks of those on the MLS website. This is a tough sport to predict.

That pushes my record to…18 – 17 with 4 exactas. Time for a comeback. Time for… revenge.

As always, all times are east coast, all music is subject to taste and all dogs go to heaven or at least a Don Bluth film. Some dogs go to the pound while others simply go out for Italian.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

3:30PM – Philadelphia v Columbus – PPL Park – Television: NBC Sports

All defensive game

Much depends on the midfield

Does Nowak get Fired?

My prediction for the game: Draw 1-1


Nguyen Dos Santos

4:00PM – New England v D.C. United – Gillette Stadium – Television: Local Only

Rejuvenation here

New England is stout and tough

Which DC will show?

My prediction for the game: Jay Heaps really has done a good job so far molding the Revolution in his image as this dieing ember of a rivalry gets going again. New England play tough, DC tries to play at all. I tend to think this game has a high potential of New England laying an egg at home. DC 2 – 0 Revs


4:00PM – Seattle v Colorado – CenturyLink Field – Television: Local Only

Identity flux

Rapids must find their road verve

Mullen is getting booed

My prediction for this game: Seattle is winning this one, I would think. Seattle 1 – Colorado 0


"That's all you got?! C'mon give me your best shot!" -- Dan Kennedy

4:30PM – Toronto FC v Chivas USA – BMO Field – Television: Local Only

Chivas is a stout

team, where Toronto is not

advantage first score

My prediction for this game: Chivas is better than you realize. They are tough, coached well and could be a surprise team causing some havoc at times (when they are playing well) in the West. Meanwhile… Toronto…. er…. I’m going with the Chivas verve just running out here. Toronto to get their win at home. Toronto 3 – Chivas 2


"Go get the ball Dane! I just scored!"

7:00PM – New York v San Jose – Red Bull Arena – Television: Local Only

Cooper likes service

problem in Portland, service was

Thierry Henry!!

My prediction for this game: So a major bow to Matthew Murphy on twitter for his call that New York was scoring like crazy. Now I do want to say that San Jose is a tough tough out. They play hard defensively and play a very old school style of soccer relying on industry and work (and a good hold up man up top).

Also, the juvenation of Kenny Cooper is showing that quite a bit of his problem was the service (as it is again this year) from Portland. This just in… Thierry Henry is STILL very good. I’m going with Red Bull on this one. San Jose is going to give them a game, so I doubt this goes a blow out like some of the earlier games, but I think New York currently has the verve. New York 2 – San Jose 0


8:30PM – FC Dallas v Montreal – FC Dallas Stadium – Television: Local Only

Dallas plays like a

Impact team future

If draft goes well 2013

My prediction for this game: Dallas to win. Montreal to try to slow the game down on the road and attempt to hit on the break. Dallas 1-0


Chance Myers has come real far since his skateboard video days.

8:30PM – Sporting KC v Real Salt Lake – Livestrong Sporting Park – Television: Local Only

Eyegasm, a treat

Brutality versus skill

Sporting goes direct?

My prediction for this game: With Salt Lake trying to out posess Sporting, anticipate RSL trying to go five in the midfield in an attempt to overwhelm the Sporting midfield. Anticipate Sporting attempting to break this by physically going after the RSL midfield and going slightly more vertical than they have prior. I go with Real Salt Lake taking down Sporting for the first time this year. 1-0


10:30PM – Los Angeles v Portland – The Home Depot Center – Television: Local Only

Who can stop losing?

When two streaks collide. Defense

will be key for both

My prediction for this game: Ugh…. Portland play in a way that hurts LA in the same way that LA plays in a way that really hurts Portland. Tough to say but I am going for the home team to break the snide. LA 2 – Portland 1


Sunday, April 15, 2012

7:00PM – Chicago v Houston – Toyota Park – Television: Galavision

Fire versus Houston

Will Grazinni find his feet?

Houston need to score

My Prediction: Tough game for both here as I anticipate Houston to play physical. If Chicago’s playmakers show up, then they may find a way through a solid defense. Is Will Bruin going to score? Chicago 1 – Houston 0

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by SamT on 2012/04/14 at 7:17 AM

    Props for the haiku
    Need to check FC Dallas
    Counting all f’d up


  2. Posted by John on 2012/04/14 at 9:05 AM

    My apologies
    That was supposed to read “from
    the future”… brain fart.


  3. Posted by John on 2012/04/16 at 8:53 AM

    BTW: I could just watch this over and over and over again…


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