Brief: Jurgen Klinsmann’s Twitter Commentary

Whither the USMNT goes, this guy is driving the bus...

Whither the USMNT goes, this guy is driving the bus…

Jurgen Klinsmann took to Twitter today to answer questions from the US Twitteratti. Here were some of his answers.

On Clint Dempsey: “Spoke with Clint. Back in training & hopes to play v Inter. All good for WCQs”

 On Brad Guzan replacing Tim Howard: “Brad has played in WCQ and having an awesome year @ Villa. We are confident he will step up.” Q: Do you think Guzan will step up w/o Howard?

 On announcing location of the next home qualifiers: “Very soon. We are excited about the venues!”

 On Brek Shea: “Happy for Brek to play in the Premier League. Hopefully he gets more PT RT: @coleman_gibbs Do you think Shea has a chance to start v CRC?

 On USMNT players (yawn): “To become more consistent and rise to their next level” ‏RT@marktopshelf22 What is something you have been emphasizing for USMNT players?

› On Fabian Johnson: Yes. He should be good to join us in Denver. RT @ChiefFif Heard that Fabian Johnson is returning to training. Option for the next 2 games?

› On Josh Gatt: Alot of work ahead. He’s had a great attitude so far. RT ‏@alval211how high is Josh Gatts potential for the USMNT?

› On Steve Cherundolo: Happy he is back in training. Hopefully he can catch up as soon as possible. @ElChosenJuan94 how is cherundolo doing?

› On Jozy Altidore: Thrilled when he scores for AZ. Hope it happens with us as well. RT@lucasloredo Jozy has had success at AZ. How do you translate to USMNT?

› On the most dominant player you’ve ever played against: Most dominant I’ve ever been on the field with is Maradona

› On grass versus turf: If I have the choice, I always prefer grass. RT @sunmysidepdx would you ever play a WCQ on turf? In Portland? 

› On the roster timing: Once we know that all players made it through the weekend healthy.


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  1. Posted by JGD on 2013/03/11 at 12:52 PM

    Ever the diplomat. Glad to hear he’s confident of having Dempsey and Johnson for the qualifiers.


  2. Seems like he might be inclined to leave Brek in England this next pair of WCQs.


  3. Posted by docstraw on 2013/03/11 at 2:26 PM

    Perhaps he is more inclined to leave Brek in England for the next two games. Certainly would open up a spot for a guy like Pontius or even Beasley. Would love to see what Pontius can do for Nats.


  4. Our national team coverage really lacks coverage. The coaches never have to answer a tough question. Any other sport in this country and guys are hounding you for justification for tactical decisions. If this would change my interest would go up 100%. But right now it’s like FIFA. we know they steal, lie, and are corrupt. But they keep smiling and saying the same thing, and nothing ever changes.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2013/03/11 at 3:35 PM

      This is a much longer discussion, but you’re right.


    • Posted by chris_thebassplayer on 2013/03/11 at 9:50 PM

      I know, we’re lucky if we get the roster two days in advance. Comical that we have to connect the dots with twitter leaks ahead of time.


    • Posted by schmutzdeck on 2013/03/11 at 11:01 PM


      I agree with matthewsf that this is a longer discussion, however, for what it’s worth…

      I don’t know how much you follow JK’s interviews but he is far more communicative with the media than Bradley ever was.

      JK is clearly a player’s coach in the sense that he seems to leave a lot of these tactical adjustments up to the players on the field. Frankly, soccer is a game that more or less mandates that but I digress. Maybe I’m taking it too far but Herculez Gomez seemed to imply as much in a recent interview.

      I think JK is trying to challenge this group to take more of the initiative in that regard. .

      In comparison I would say Arena and Bradley imposed more of themselves on the players during the game than JK does. Or maybe it’s just that they said do this and stick with it. Simple is always easier to follow.

      To make a half ass NFL analogy, Jim Harbaugh has much greater control over what Kapernick does on the field while John Harbaugh more or less lets his OC and Flacco do their thing.

      Whether this group are capable of what JK seems to want, well I guess we’ll see.

      If JK had to face the kind of media scrutiny an NFL coach or MLB manager faces I see no reason to think JK would speak any differently. It would still be “coach speak”.

      NFL coaches and MLB managers don’t tell the fans and media anything more about their teams than JK tells you now.

      The difference is interest in their sports is so great that a fan like you knows a lot more about the players, their training all the way back to grade school, their personal lives etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

      When the Ravens played the 49er’s in the Super Bowl, everything you ever wanted to know about all the players, staff and owners of both teams, including just about every tactical variation that both teams might conceivably employ was out there for anyone who was interested, to read about.
      When the US played Honduras I doubt most USMNT fans could name more than half the starting lineup of Honduras or tell you anything about them or what their strengths or weaknesses were.

      Furthermore there is almost as much ignorance about many of our players. People want to put Fabian on left wing; are they aware he started out as a right back and a right sided holding midfielder before Hoffenhiem put him at left back? This is not to say he can’t do it but it would be shifting another player into yet another position he has not played much if at all. People screamed when JK put Torres at left back but JFT had played left back for Bradley before.

      Anyway the point is the US soccer media, in my view, is doing about as good a job as the media for the big boy sports given that they have a lot less information and resources to work with.

      That’s what happens when you compare a sport run by millionaires to one run by billionaires


  5. Posted by Crow on 2013/03/11 at 4:55 PM

    TSG always picks the best pictures for these posts.

    Kinda wish someone would have asked about John Anthony Brooks. Don’t let Germany get him!!!


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