Analytics: Want To Win? Here’s How

Thanks to a discussion on Twitter this morning amongst Steve Fenn, Lee Mooney and myself, I was sent this interactive visual below. The visual is the handiwork of Mooney.

As always, click on the link for the interactive version.

.. Click link below for interactive version ...

.. Click link below for interactive version …

Click here for interactive version

While not a whole lot of direct or even indirect conclusions can be made in isolation here, the date–to me on a cursory review–speaks to the importance of crosses, goalie play & where you play your defensive line.

Interesting stuff and I’ll try to get more information on the source data here.

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  1. If you want a really deep dive into this (or any) tableau visualization, you can click Download in the bottom right hand corner, and from there you’ll see links to download the workbook itself and the free Tableau Public you’ll need to open it (sorry Mac/Linux folk, its only PC).
    From there you can see six different footie-stat dashboards that Lee Mooney has created (including categories that aren’t used in his final viz), and you can alter them yourself. Really powerful stuff that I plan to look at very closely.


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