USA vs. El Sal: Will Mix Diskerud Ride Again?

Few point to the play of Mix Diskerud in the Olympic qualifying final game as problematic for the US as they crashed out of the Olympics with the draw against El Salvador last summer. Diskerud was slow in attack; lethargic on defense and a contributor in not shutting on the final dash by El Sal to rob the US of London.

Will he make amends today. Will El Sal’s lunchpail defense and stalling antics flummox the US.

Starting line-ups shortly.

Amends today?

Amends today?


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  1. Posted by wxman40 on 2013/07/21 at 12:28 PM

    Goodson-Besler starting central midfield in front of Rimando. The Beckerman start is clearly there to hamper El Salvador counterattack.


    • Posted by KickinNames.... on 2013/07/21 at 1:22 PM

      and to hamper the US attack as well…I appreciate his dedication, stick etc but he’s slow.


      • Posted by John Mosby on 2013/07/22 at 1:11 PM

        I’m sorry, but what do you think, gennaro gatusso and Thomas graverson were speed merchants? I mean really. It is embarrassing.


        • Posted by KickinNames.... on 2013/07/22 at 3:08 PM

          No. What’s embarrassing is a >15 yr old having to change his screen because of his asinine behavior and comments.


          • Posted by John Mosby on 2013/07/22 at 3:42 PM

            I mean USA scores like 20 goals In the three games beckerman plays In and one in the game he does not and this turkey wants to call him an offensive liability. It’s almost not believable.


        • Posted by schmutzdeck on 2013/07/22 at 6:50 PM

          Mr. Mosby,

          It seems that a lot of people who post about Beckerman don’t really watch him play that much. It is easy enough to just say he is too slow for international football. But that is a lazy assessment of the situation.

          As a regular for RSL he plays against international players successfully all the time. At least I assume he does since he is a regular starter for them and they don’t pull him whenever he has to mark an international player do they?

          Beckerman is about as fast as Gattuso, as you pointed out, or Beckham around the time he was captaining England. Speed is not his problem.

          Kyle’s problem is his lack of ball control skills, or as everyone here loves to say his first touch is bad. If Kyle had Beckham’s touch, for example, he would have the extra second or two that he now wastes fumbling around trying to get the ball under control. And that could be huge.

          I have seen him when that touch is better, a byproduct most likely of confidence. So I conclude that if he gets to play more frequently with this team he’ll get better. Against El Salvador he looked much better than he did earlier. You can tell his confidence is up when he shoots as much as he did.

          Whether that is good enough remains to be seen.


  2. Posted by giantleap4 on 2013/07/21 at 2:08 PM

    an early 2nd half goal is vital. even though we’re controlling this match, let’s not give ES and that big crowd a reason to believe.

    joe corona US mvp for tourney so far?


  3. Posted by Ufficio on 2013/07/21 at 3:00 PM

    Miracle that we didn’t score ten – or miraculously poor finishing/decision-making in the box.

    Not to pick nits, but we have to sharpen it up before the semis. Can’t just rely on the law of large numbers against CR or Honduras.


    • Ufficio,

      Missed chances do not necessarily carry over.

      For example, in the 2011 Gold , Deuce missed a ridiculous number of sitters against Guadeloupe that I am confident you would have made…..easily. And I’ve never seen you play.

      It did not stop him from scoring vital goals in the next two games.

      In a game where they won 5-1, rather than whine about missed chances maybe you might consider complimenting the US for creating so many chances, something they usually are awful at doing, regardless of the quality of the opposition.

      Or maybe you could compliment the El Sal keeper, who was quite good.


      • Posted by Ufficio on 2013/07/22 at 7:29 PM

        I’m sorry I didn’t Praise The Team loudly enough in my post to get your seal of approval, Martin.


        • Ufficio,

          why are you sorry?


          • Posted by matthewsf on 2013/07/23 at 10:06 AM

            Keep it impersonal everyone. C’mon, this isn’t Bleacher Report, ESPN comments or SBI. :> (Oops …. :>)


            • Posted by Ufficio on 2013/07/24 at 7:50 AM

              Nothing personal, really. I probably would’ve responded in a similarly snarky manner to anyone purporting to lecture me on what comments I should or shouldn’t be making.

              But I apologize for the snarkiness, and will simply ignore such lectures in the future.

  4. Posted by KickinNames.... on 2013/07/21 at 3:01 PM

    Amazing what a goal can do for you….Brek looked bright and shiny out there after his goal last game.


  5. Posted by giantleap4 on 2013/07/21 at 3:02 PM

    a professional, confident win. we’re ready to be the team that dispatches inferior sides like this.


  6. I’m enjoying this team’s chemistry. The passing has been fun to watch and this is not even the #1 team. Its been fun to watch Torres, Diskerud, Donovan, and Corona on the pitch together. Torres got Beasley open a few times on the left side and made a good 1-2 corner kicks. Diskerud makes good passes to the feet of his teammates and while this was not his best game… I loved to see him get a little nasty and take out a player when he was taken out a few minutes before! Yes… I know must stay composed but he’s heard JK’s criticism that he needed to get a little more physical…well he did. Donovan is what he is… good not much else to say. Corona’s goal was something to see… you can tell he wanted to hit it and hook around the goalie like his last goal but that was taken away by the defender so he turned the ball back in and kicked it the only option he had…goal. Then made a great pass on a give and go with Parkhurst. The passing has made it easier for Beckerman, Beasley, and Parkhurst to play their positions and look well doing it!

    While I’d love to see Holden get minutes in these games… I’m liking this chemistry too much to wish it would change. Really like what I’m seeing from Diskerud.

    Players like Klejstan, Davis (Dynamo), Edu, Zusi, and even Boyd better stay hungry because there are at minimum 5+ players looking to take their spots (Torres, Diskerud, Holden, Corona, Bedoya, and Donovan to name some of the the bigger names). By the way, Fiscal has looked good too. If Holden can get back to his usual self with his club team, he’ll get his chances again with the USMNT as some might think I’m down on him.


    • Posted by Nelson on 2013/07/21 at 10:09 PM

      you can admit it. you’re on team Mix. Who could deny such silky passes and even silkier locks?

      I’m a huge fan of Diskerud and think he provides something distinct in his ability switch play and make smart passes.

      I’d like to see the Gold Cup squad play the A team. Definitely looks a few will make the jump up. I think Jurgen said he was certain more than three would.


      • Posted by schmutzdeck on 2013/07/22 at 8:26 PM

        JK said he wanted depth and he seems to be on course.

        He’s putting together a team of largely interchangeable parts. By the time that World Cup roster needs to be finalized, he may have a whole lot of hard decisions.

        And that would be a first.


  7. Nelson.. While I expect more than three will be picked up… be careful to read too much into JK’s comments. If you are looking at the entire Gold Cup team, a handful have played with the #1 team and are most likely going to be called in this September like Corona, Goodson, Parkhurst, Beasley, and EJ (more than 3 and JK never noted if usual WC players or the other players will make the move up). So while JK’s comments sound like more players will make the squad… I don’t expect that many more (another 3-4) will be called in unless we are expecting mass changes from first team to second team and I doubt that.

    The players I listed above from Klejstan, Edu, Davis, Zusi and Boyd. Klejstan has played well for club but has yet to really shine (best chance was friendly before WC qualifiers and he did poorly). He needs to be worried about Diskerud and Holden. Edu was injured but he needs a good season with club. Should be worried about Holden and Beckerman. Davis has been hurt for Dynamo and that has always plagued him. He has Torres and Shea to be worried about. Zusi has grown the most the last 2 years but he now has competition from either Donovan and/or Corona. Boyd while big is still very young and you don’t take him just to take him to WC. Boyd has EJ and Gomez to be worried about.


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