USA 2 – Jamaica 0: Selected Images

From the wonderful eye of Matt Mathai….

D3S_1379 D3S_1310
D3S_3558 jj_haha D3S_3428-1 D3S_3428 D3S_3388 D3S_3383 D3S_3267 D3S_3211 D3S_3247 D3S_3026 D3S_2850 D3S_2771 D3S_2731 D3S_2596 D3S_2549 D3S_2428 D3S_1930 D3S_1885 D3S_1750 D3S_1701 D3S_1346

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by João Ricardo on 2013/10/12 at 1:43 PM

    Cool pics, see you here next year!


  2. That is it… I’m getting a Aron Johannson hair do!!!


  3. Nice pictures. They give a good feel as to the intensity of the match. Here’s a good article to read while we await TSG’s next piece.


  4. […] No pre-game previews, but check out some of Matt Mathai’s photos from last Friday’s game over at The Shin […]


  5. I really miss the orange slices and pregame break downs. I know you have a life and family Matt, so I’m not complaining. I just really appreciate your work, understanding of the game, and the humility that comes out in your writing. I have learned a lot on this site. Hope to learn a lot more. Enjoy the game tonight


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