Test Driving the Nike Magista Obras

Yes, you’ve seen them. Bright yellow or brighter red, everyone at the World Cup has been rocking them. The new Nike Magista Obras are the flyest kicks on the pitch at the World Cup and only the best players in the world have them. You can add me to that list. Why? Because I’m German-American and gunning for a spot on the 2018 roster? Well, no. I’m not nearly good enough for that. Fortunately the good people over at SoccerPro.com were kind enough to let me test drive these bad boys just to see how legit they really are. Can they make my mediocre touch silky and beautiful? I guesssssss they are just boots and not miracle workers. Or are they?


When I first picked them up, I was amazed at how light they were. If you look at the picture here very closely, you can see that they are actually not touching the ground but just hovering slightly about it. That is how light they are. It’s like you are putting clouds on your feet, bright, brilliant first touch improving clouds. Of all the pairs of boots I have owned, these are by far the lightest. In fact, it’s almost frightening. I wondered for at least two minutes who stole part of my boots and how I could get them back. Seriously people, stop stealing part of my boots directly out of the mail! It’s uncalled for.

When you do put them on, there are two feelings: First, they feel like an extension of your foot and second, the envy of your friends as they watch you put them on. Seriously, not everyone will be happy for how awesome you are. The sock extension is a bit funny at first, but it stretches to fit your foot and ankle nicely. As soon as I started running on the field, it felt like I was wearing my Nike Frees but with way more traction. It was awesome. You get the ball and it feels like you are playing in your bare feet, but with better touch and control. That is a serious upgrade. Even the shoelaces are designed to maximize the lightness and minimize impact on your touch. Bravo to whoever designed these bad boys, you deserve a raise.

Speaking of raise, the Magista Obras definitely gave my first touch a raise. Or as we refer to it, the improvement that comes from #DatSockTouch. Be warned, #DatSockTouch may drastically improve your skills to the point where you question what you are doing at your day job instead of making moves in the 2. Bundesliga and hoping that Hertha Berlin and Borussia Mönchengladbach are keeping an eye on your prowess in front of goal. Have they seen that YouTube highlight video of my assist last game? I hope so. You need #DatSockTouch. Really though, the Magistas did seem to boost my touch on the ball, albeit not my overall skill. Nothing can help that, trust me, I know. Or at least that is what the doctor has told me. I did bend a free kick around a wall and into the bottom right corner for a lovely goal the first game I played with these on though, so maybe you should be the judge.


The only way to make them better? Some AMERICA ball action.

Overall I have been incredibly pleased with these boots, you can tell how high quality they are. They only concern is because they are so light, they seem to lack a bit of protection in the back, in case someone slides into your heels as you zip past them. Outside of that, they seem to be pretty much flawless, besides the fact that no MLS team has reached out to me and offered me a contract since I put them on. I have looked dangerous both up top and in an attacking midfield role, so San Jose Earthquakes or DC United feel free to hit me up on Twitter if I can fill a need you have on your roster. I’ve been truly impressed with the way they handle and how much they feel like an extension of my foot. The Nike Magista Obras truly are the next generation of great boots. If you are in the market for a new pair, check out SoccerPro.com’s selection of the Nike Magista Obras, they won’t do you wrong and they just released some sweet new colors. Unfortunately they still don’t seem to come with a guaranteed contract, apparently you have to figure that out on your own. Hopefully the next variation will though!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KickinNames... on 2014/07/14 at 7:42 AM

    So nothing on the electrifying final of a month long WC tourney except a review of some DayGlo slippers….how far the mighty have fallen…
    enjoyed the coverage of the MNT and thanks for the memories…
    See you at the Confed Cup in 2016?


  2. Posted by Jim on 2014/07/14 at 8:55 AM

    I’m glad to read a review of someone who has actually worn these boots since they looked rather gimmicky to me when I first saw them. It has been many a day since I donned the latest and greatest kicks. Very cool.


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