It’s TSG Fantasy EPL time!

That’s right. The Shin Guardian Fantasy EPL is back. But wait, there’s more!

Dat. Hair.

Sorry, I got distracted when I said the word fantasy. Mainly because I started thinking about Geoff Cameron’s hair. Now that is a fantasy. Sorry Stu, your run as best Amhairican out there looks like it has come to an end. So get in on the official league of the most official soccer site on the most official internet that you know: Oh to have hair like Geoff Cameron!! (click meeeeeee) through the delightful fantasy dot premier league site. They do all the work, you do all the winning.

Speaking of winning, we’ve linked up with the good people over at Ruffneck Scarves / Who Are Ya Designs to give away some prizes during the fantasy EPL season. At the end of each month, whoever is in the top spot in the league will get to pick a scarf or t-shirt of their choice from the lovely collections they have. Only deal is once you win once, you can’t win again. No hogging all the goods.

We will also do a couple random giveaways throughout the season that will be randomly chosen, for those of us who have zero shot at finishing first. Like me. So basically, get in. Maybe you will win. Then you could take your new gear for a spin. That surely will leave you with a grin. Unlike my last 4 sentences.

Dos A Cero!


Click here to get in the finest fantasy EPL league of them all or if you just need the league code, it is: 230169-260522. While you are clicking on things, give the TSG Facebook page a like if you feel so inclined. Tell your friends to get in the league too, so you can embarrass them with your expert knowledge of  the English Premier League, and then watch as they beat you based on picking players with the shortest names. It happens. I’m not bitter at all, I promise.

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