TSG Fantasy EPL Update – August 2014

It’s the moooosssttt wonderful time of the year! The English Premier League has kicked off, and if you are like me, you are swearing at guys who you wouldn’t have been able to identify if you were standing next to them on the subway two weeks ago. Bojan you have to finish there! Guzan you beast, another shutout! Wilfried Bony, do you plan to do anything at all this season besides torture me? Has anyone seen Felipe Luis?

When you pray for wisdom, you aren’t actually hoping that the heavens open up and impart you with knowledge, but that one of your starting defenders doesn’t play so that Andre Wisdom of West Brom comes off your bench with the eight points he earned for a shutout plus bonus. That’s the Wisdom you really want. If you haven’t legitimately debated using your wildcard yet, you must be better than me (not like that is any real challenge) and more confident about your side. Fantasy EPL is just a glorious amount of fun. If that isn’t enough for you, there is always great sites in case you fancy yourself a real expert and want to make some money off your EPL knowledge. If that isn’t your cup of tea, but you do love the EPL action, make sure you are in the TSG fantasy EPL league. Top ten in the standings right now:

That’s right, you too can be a part of Oh to have hair like Geoff Cameron. Nominated as the best looking league on all the internet.

Click here to jump in the league now.  The best part is TSG has partnered up with Ruffneck Scarves and Who Are Ya Designs to give away a prize to the leader of the fantasy league at the end of each month + some random prizes along the way. So get in on it.

EPL Week 3 is sure to be full of surprises, like will Mario Balotelli burn down Anfield? Will Balotelli steal all the allowances of little kids in Liverpool? Will the #MoyesIn hashtag make an exciting appearance? What will happen when Chelsea has to play against a real team? If Lukaku scores will he reveal a shirt that says I AM THE REAL SPECIAL ONE? Will Arsenal play 3 wingers up top instead of getting a forward?  Will Tim Howard’s beard finally get that goal it has been deserving?

Remember me?!

Remember me?!

Best of luck to all of you, except for those of you who are ahead of me in the standings. So really, best of luck to almost no one!

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