USA vs Ireland preview: Five players to watch

After a challenging match with Colombia on Friday, the US takes on Ireland tomorrow. Instead of a typical preview, we decided to focus on five players and some specific things to watch for on Tuesday. Trust us, you can’t help but focus on these things going forward, they will practically consume you.

First, a very important tactical video focused on a couple critical players for Tuesday. Pay special attention to Alejandro Bedoya and his phenomenal movement here in case the embed doesn’t work.

Landed in Dublin Suavemente @alebedoya #stache #usmnt #izi #roomies 😂🙈 🎵🎤

A video posted by Cameron 🇺🇸 Geoff (@geoffcameron) on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:08am PST


You see those eyes? They are moving like crazy. That look is just extremely hard to defend. The stache really compliments the movement well. It’s clear he has been training hard of late. We can’t ignore the unsung hero of this video though, Geoff Cameron. He really sets up the strengths of Bedoya quite well, and assists his killer performance, as a great backup singer does. The real question for Tuesday and Cameron is if he is going to go for the mustache alone. It has a lot of potential, but we will see which tactical look he comes out with tomorrow.

Next, two up and comers with the US of late. First is Greg Garza, a recent TSG favorite with a lot of potential.


He’s showing some serious promise here, but clearly has some room to grow. Once his mustache fills out a bit, it will be keeping up with more established players like Mustache Diskerud that have been with the team longer and have really put together full showings. We can only hope that he continues with this good run of form he has had and keeps growing with the top lip side of the squad.

Another factor in the match will be how Jozy is deployed.

Needs a bit of work up top.

Needs a bit of work up top.

He’s looking really strong on the outside, but the stache just isn’t fully there. Could he switch it up and ditch the beard and go stache only? Maybe he ditches the mustache altogether? Jozy really has a wide variety of looks he can pull out here, it will be exciting to see the haerial decisions he makes for tomorrow.

Finally, the x factor who is just undefendable currently. Mustache Diskerud.

I'm ready for anything you throw at me.

I’m ready for anything you throw at me.

Who can defend this man right now? No one, because they are all running the other direction, looking for safety. What. A. Stache. Phenomenal work rate. Tactically beautiful. It’s clearly in late season form, looking to win the title. With these flowing locks and dirt stache, Mustache Diskerud is on another level right now. One might even say it is Kljestan-esque. The only question is, can it get better? Can it haunt defenders, viewers, and my dreams after tomorrow’s match? Only time will tell.

Honorable mention to the following guys, who almost made the shave, I mean cut.

It's just not there yet, but someday!

It’s just not there yet, but someday!

Mr. Consistent.

Mister Consistent.

Sign the two on the right up, they are stars in the making.

Sign the two on the right up, they are stars in the making.

Finally, we leave you with this parting thought:

I'm everywhere. On the field and off. Trust me.

I’m everywhere. On the field and off. Trust me.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for this.


  2. Posted by tom patton on 2014/11/17 at 2:43 PM

    Mix looks silly with that 70’s porn stache


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  4. Posted by Scott on 2014/11/18 at 12:07 PM

    That. Was. Amazing.


  5. Posted by cpjuengel on 2014/11/18 at 12:19 PM

    definitely sat down to get some pre game knowledge after having bookmarked this as my one pre game read…and now im scrambling for somethign.. haha
    well played..


  6. Yanks are playing like my rec league team. Get the ball, RUN TOWARDS GOAL. No intelligence. No attempt to slow things down and settle. (I missed the whole first half.)


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