U-20 USMNT in Trouble in Jamaica

The US U-20 team has gotten itself into some trouble in their quest to qualify for the U-20 World Cup this Summer in New Zealand. First up was El Salvador 0n 1/9.

A little too reminiscent of the senior team isn’t it. Creating good chances, not converting, getting a single goal, giving up a late goal that leads to a draw. Not good.

Next was Panama 1/11.

Ouch. A serious lack of cohesion and no great chances led to this result. The shoddy refereeing certainly didn’t help them either. Now the US faces three games in a row that they likely must win just to get into the second or third place spot which would get them a spot in the one game playoff with a team from the other group. 2 vs 3 play each other from the opposing groups, here’s how things stand currently.

u20s standings


Not good. This team is likely the most talented US team that has tried to qualify for the U-20 World Cup, they have players spread around the globe playing for big professional teams and guys who are already getting playtime in the MLS. They look short of ideas and composure in the final third though, which has seriously cost them so far. They desperately need either Bradford Jamieson IV, Romain Gall, or Lynden Gooch to step up and start delivering some goals up top. They have matches with Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica left, and need at least 7 points to get into the playoff. Here’s to hoping Tab Ramos and his coaching staff can figure it out ASAP and get these guys back to the form they showed during 2014.

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