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Your US U-17 World Cup Qualifying Primer

CONCACAF qualifying for the U-17 World Cup in Chile later this year kicks off in Honduras today, and the US is in Group A with the host Honduras, as well as Jamaica, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, and Cuba, with six teams in group B as well. The US will play each team in its group once between February 27th and March 15th, with the winner of each group clinching an automatic spot. Thanks to CONCACAF’s relatively unclear write-up, it appears 2nd of each group plays 3rd of the other group to determine who will represent CONCACAF in the final two spots at the U-17 World Cup in October and November. Pretty confident that four teams go, and the best way to do that is for the US to win their group.


If you haven’t been following the U-17s, here are a few guys to know:

Christian Pulisic, who recently signed with Borussia Dortmund. He’s the creative force for this very talented U-17 side. He netted 17 times for the U-17 side in 2014, and there is a reason Dortmund is very high on him. So is Will Parchman. He is the most promising number 10 in the youth program currently.

Haji Wright, who is currently unattached. Unlike Pulisic, Wright doesn’t have a European passport to get him in with a club before he turns 18, but rumor has it that Schalke is very, very interested. He scored loads of goals in 2013 and 2014, is quick and technically dangerous, and can beat his man off the dribble as well as set others up.

Lucas de la Torre, who is in the Fulham youth academy. He’s got a dangerous shot from long distance, moves the ball well, and has a lot of composure on the ball. He’s been at Fulham since mid-2014 and has been playing with the U-18 side there.

Enough talking though, here are the highlights from the last 3 matches the U-17 side played at the Nike Friendlies at the end of  November / early December 2014.

Coach Richie Williams on the roster he is taking to Honduras: “We’re very happy with the 20-man roster that we named, and we think it’s a strong and deep roster,” Williams said. “Obviously there were difficult decisions that needed to be made because we have a very good group, and we have a lot of players that have been here for a year and a half to two years that have really worked hard and developed. That made it difficult in terms of choosing that 20-man roster. It’s not easy when you have to tell players that they haven’t made it. But again, we feel this is a strong roster and it’s a group that’s ready to go and compete and win a championship.”

Here’s the full roster. Anything less than winning the group would be a disappointment for the US, and not qualifying would be a shocker. This team is loaded with talent and they score goals in handfuls. Here’s to hoping that the fields in Honduras are far superior to the ones that the U-20 USMNT team had to deal with in Jamaica. Outside of that I can’t see a lot holding them back. Look for them to play a 4-3-3 and attack like madmen.

GK: William Pulisic (Richmond United/USA); Kevin Silva (Players Development Academy/USA)

DF: Tyler Adams (New York Red Bulls/USA); Hugo Arellano (LA Galaxy/USA); Daniel Barbir (West Bromwich Albion FC/ENG); Tanner Dieterich (Real Salt Lake Arizona/USA); John Nelson (Internationals Soccer Club/USA); Matthew Olosunde (New York Red Bulls/USA); Alexis Velela (San Diego Surf/USA)

MD: Eric Calvillo (Real SoCal/USA); Lucas de la Torre (Fulham FC/ENG); Thomas McCabe (Players Development Academy/USA); Christian Pulisic (Borussia Dortmund/GER); Alejandro Zendejas Saavedra (FC Dallas/USA)

FW: Pierre da Silva (Orlando City SC/USA); Orrin Gaines II (Lonestar SC/USA); Joe Gallardo Jr (Monterrey/MEX); Joshua Perez (unattached); Brandon Vazquez (Club Tijuana/MEX); Haji Wright (unattached)

The USA’s continued inconsistency… with away kits.

Complain all you want about the 3-5-2, everyone’s lack of fitness, or lack of lack of fitness, yeah think about that for more than 10 seconds and tell me your head doesn’t hurt, or the fact that no one is sure who is going to start where and why. In truth, the USMNT has much bigger problems. For whatever reason, US Soccer and Nike have absolutely no consistency with USMNT away kits. It’s borderline absurd. Here’s the new 2015 USMNT away jersey (we will save judgement for the end):

2015 away

Click me to see who is looking fly in the new kit!

Here’s the 2014 away kit, the bomb pop, a legend in itself. This bad boy sold out everywhere leading up to the World Cup, and it was a joy to see on the streets as we all celebrated the USA’s success in Brazil.

Can't ever forget that HAIM sass, a true classic (sup Eric and Faux?)

Can’t ever forget that HAIM sass, a true classic (sup Eric and Faux?)

Now how about 2013. Not bad, it’s not going to take your breath away, but it’s hard to hate this one. Unless of course you hate everything.

Look at shiny Clint go!

Look at shiny Clint go!

2012’s jersey was glorious*. It was unique, everyone either loved it or hated it, and we beat Mexico in Mexico in it. Could be the greatest kit ever just based on that fact. Look at Jermaine doing airplane liftoff arms back there, how can you not love that. Waldo crushing souls in Mexico baby.

Can you say 3 points at Azteca?!

Can you say 3 points at Azteca?! T-Boyd can.

We go way back in time where we weren’t getting a kit every year to 2010, where the sash began. If this jersey doesn’t make you smile and also curse Koman Coulibaly loudly in public, you crazy. There is nothing wrong with still being bitter. NOTHING.

Mike and Herc, modeling the jersey in its finest moment.

Mike and Herc, modeling the jersey in its finest moment.

Finally, 2008. Not a lot to say about this jersey. Not anyone’s finest work, that is for sure.

2008 away

Well, this is boring.

See a pattern? Of course not! It doesn’t exist! How can we develop as a soccer nation if we don’t have a glorious away kit that is classic, sexy, and actually resembles the one of previous years? Answer: we can’t. WE ARE DOOMED. THE USMNT IS DOOMED.

In all seriousness, it might be time to pick one. It would be nice to at least have a base that the jersey will likely look like, even if you don’t have the freshest kit. Or Nike just wants to take my money each time they come up with a new idea for an away jersey. The Bomb Pop (2014) and Waldo (2012) are my two favorites, and I would be okay with the US sticking with a variation of either for the away kit, they both are unique and stand out, which I really like. I’m open to better ideas though.

*Okay so the Waldo kit may not have been an away jersey, but they wore it away at Mexico and won, and no other US jersey has done that, so yeah. It’s basically the best away non-away jersey ever.

USA – Panama: three things we learned

After much deep thought, here are three potentially life changing things we learned after the Camp Cupcake commencing friendly between the USMNT and Panama.


Don’t mess with Jozy, he’s probably the worst guy on the US to square off with, and he has no time for your shit.

Edit: Clint delivering freedom via push video is gone. Sad times.

Neither does Clint.

Wondo can make people say “Ayyyyy” rapidly. Jurgen enjoys people saying Ayyyyy!

All forward feistiness aside, the US got a win in a friendly, which has about as much impact as their loss against Chile in the friendly two weeks ago. The next really important game for them is in April, against Mexico. Three actual thoughts below:

Gyasi Zardes looked good, and not just as Geordi La Forge. He was calm and composed on the ball, wasn’t afraid to run at people, and made smart decisions, leading to his assist to Clint Dempsey and another that could have been to Michael Bradley. Sure Panama isn’t exactly the toughest opponent out there, but there was a world of difference in the composure of Zardes and that of Miguel Ibarra on Sunday, or Wil Trapp against Chile where it was clear that nerves were playing a real role. At this point Zardes has to be on the radar of some teams in Europe, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is the next American player to leave MLS and make moves in Europe.

This is a phenomenal tifo, well done AO.

This is a phenomenal tifo, well done AO.

Brek Shea and DeAndre Yedlin aren’t the answer at fullback, at least not in the 4-2-3-1. Or in any formation with 4 backs. I know Jurgen is experimenting, and I’m a huge fan of that, but Brek especially just does not have the positioning to play left back. He played better overall against Panama, but both he and Yedlin don’t defend enough to play outside back regularly in a 4-2-3-1. Both were exposed regularly over the two games, and I think it’s time to let Yedlin get settled with Spurs, and Brek to try and get in form before we see either of them again for a while. It’s safe to say left back belongs to Greg Garza for the time being, while right back is a bit of a mystery, especially if Fab Johnson inserts himself into the midfield.

Mix Diskerud hasn’t locked down the middle. He was too anonymous against Panama, which is really someone who he should impose his will against. Those flowing locks should been doin whatever they wanted down the middle. But they weren’t. If he wants to start next to Bradley, he needs to have big performances in games like this. Less poetry Mix, more bossing the midfield against mediocre competition. Likely that he really isn’t at full fitness, but he should still do better.