The USA’s continued inconsistency… with away kits.

Complain all you want about the 3-5-2, everyone’s lack of fitness, or lack of lack of fitness, yeah think about that for more than 10 seconds and tell me your head doesn’t hurt, or the fact that no one is sure who is going to start where and why. In truth, the USMNT has much bigger problems. For whatever reason, US Soccer and Nike have absolutely no consistency with USMNT away kits. It’s borderline absurd. Here’s the new 2015 USMNT away jersey (we will save judgement for the end):

2015 away

Click me to see who is looking fly in the new kit!

Here’s the 2014 away kit, the bomb pop, a legend in itself. This bad boy sold out everywhere leading up to the World Cup, and it was a joy to see on the streets as we all celebrated the USA’s success in Brazil.

Can't ever forget that HAIM sass, a true classic (sup Eric and Faux?)

Can’t ever forget that HAIM sass, a true classic (sup Eric and Faux?)

Now how about 2013. Not bad, it’s not going to take your breath away, but it’s hard to hate this one. Unless of course you hate everything.

Look at shiny Clint go!

Look at shiny Clint go!

2012’s jersey was glorious*. It was unique, everyone either loved it or hated it, and we beat Mexico in Mexico in it. Could be the greatest kit ever just based on that fact. Look at Jermaine doing airplane liftoff arms back there, how can you not love that. Waldo crushing souls in Mexico baby.

Can you say 3 points at Azteca?!

Can you say 3 points at Azteca?! T-Boyd can.

We go way back in time where we weren’t getting a kit every year to 2010, where the sash began. If this jersey doesn’t make you smile and also curse Koman Coulibaly loudly in public, you crazy. There is nothing wrong with still being bitter. NOTHING.

Mike and Herc, modeling the jersey in its finest moment.

Mike and Herc, modeling the jersey in its finest moment.

Finally, 2008. Not a lot to say about this jersey. Not anyone’s finest work, that is for sure.

2008 away

Well, this is boring.

See a pattern? Of course not! It doesn’t exist! How can we develop as a soccer nation if we don’t have a glorious away kit that is classic, sexy, and actually resembles the one of previous years? Answer: we can’t. WE ARE DOOMED. THE USMNT IS DOOMED.

In all seriousness, it might be time to pick one. It would be nice to at least have a base that the jersey will likely look like, even if you don’t have the freshest kit. Or Nike just wants to take my money each time they come up with a new idea for an away jersey. The Bomb Pop (2014) and Waldo (2012) are my two favorites, and I would be okay with the US sticking with a variation of either for the away kit, they both are unique and stand out, which I really like. I’m open to better ideas though.

*Okay so the Waldo kit may not have been an away jersey, but they wore it away at Mexico and won, and no other US jersey has done that, so yeah. It’s basically the best away non-away jersey ever.

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  1. Waldo was actually the home kit. And the blue Rick Santorum sweater vest with white sleeves you have as 2013 was actually the away kit paired with the Waldo for home, I believe. But yes, your point is still the same biggy.


  2. I’m not a fan of this jersey at all. It looks like a pregame warm up shirt. I get the feeling Nike was just like “eh, we’ve got this laying around and the girls will look ok in it, use that.” There’s some consistence with the home jersey (solid white and boring) except for the Waldo’s.


  3. Posted by Jesse on 2015/02/18 at 4:38 PM

    I think we need to stick with the sash. It has something iconic about it. Miss America maybe? I don’t know, but it was a great look.


  4. Posted by Mhuntsinger on 2015/02/18 at 4:40 PM

    Respectfully BIGGY, I didn’t like the bomb pop. It looks Russian or some sort of other Eastern European. This isn’t much better though. Even not home, Waldo is definitely my favorite out of these with white sash coming in second.


  5. Posted by dvw2 on 2015/02/18 at 7:53 PM

    I’m with you. Who is US Soccer? Nobody knows. It is a chameleon, full of self-doubt and identity crises. Plant a damn flag and defend it for God’s sake. This carousel of seasonal fashion isn’t helping the bigger picture goals of the federation.


  6. Posted by evan on 2015/02/19 at 12:31 PM

    “the 2014 away kit, the bomb pop, a legend in itself. This bad boy sold out everywhere leading up to the World Cup, and it was a joy to see on the streets as we all celebrated the USA’s success in Brazil.”

    is that sarcasm? i HATED the bomb pop. bring back WALDO!


    • Posted by biggysf on 2015/02/19 at 6:21 PM

      Nope, I’m a big fan of the bomb pop. Waldo as well. Everyone has different tastes, which is very evident based on all the reactions to the new kit.


  7. Posted by Mingjai on 2015/02/20 at 12:38 PM

    For the past 15 years, very few national teams have consistent away kits, either in color or design. Mexico was white through 2010, black through 2014, and now red. Argentina has used black, navy, royal, or all three at once. England is usually red, but they were blue from 2011-13. France is usually white, but they were red from 2008-10. Germany has varied between red, black, and green. Netherlands has varied between white, blue, and black. Spain has varied between white, black, gold, or blue. The only two really consistent of the traditional powers over the past few years are are Brazil (blue) and Italy (white).


  8. Posted by Jim on 2015/02/24 at 7:50 AM

    I don’t mind inconsistency with the AWAY kits, as long as they aren’t horrible. Now, the home kits – I’d like to see the Waldos become iconic… but I won’t hold my breath.


  9. I like the new away kit. It looks more 21st century than some of the more recent shirts. I’m not saying that I would prefer it as a more permanent version but I wasn’t a big fan of the sash shirts. I’m not terribly high on the bomb pops either. That said, I have both the 2010 and 2014 away shirts because: a) that’s all that was offered for those world cup years and, b) I thought they were the better alternatives to the home shirts.

    Nike needs to step up their game in my eyes because they’re not the only game in town. Under Armour is making headway in the soccer market and being an American brand they deserve strong consideration if they can design a fresher kit. Given that Nike has set the bar fairly low, in my opinion, UA seems well positioned to steal away the USMNT franchise.

    As far as establishing an identity for the US jersey, I think the home kit is where that should be done. I wasn’t a fan of the Waldo hoops but I’d like to see a white shirt with some, but not too many, red stripes on it. Maybe the stripes can be diagonal, since it shouldn’t have too strong a resemblance to the US flag anyway. My two cents.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2015/04/14 at 3:35 AM

      I’m sure that UA would do a great job. But not sure if they could compete with Nike’s financial clout. USSF is not going to take less money from UA because they don’t like the kits that Nike designs.

      I’m not really a fan of too many modern kits, it’s all templates, platform building if you like. I get why it’s done, but this just looks like the Portugal top in a different color.


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