Ready for more soccer this summer? Time for the Street Soccer USA Cups!


It’s a glorious time of year with so many great soccer tournaments to enjoy. With both Copa America and the Women’s World Cup wrapping up and the Gold Cup about to kick off, there will be no shortage of glorious soccer over the next few weeks. If you are in New York City or the San Francisco Bay Area, another great tournament is coming to you this summer as well, one that you can actually be a part of, the Street Soccer USA Cup. If you are in or near New York City, the Street Soccer USA Times Square NYC Cup is Sunday July 12th! For those of you on the West Coast, the Street Soccer USA Civic Center SF Cup is August 15-16 in San Francisco. Both cups are a great opportunity to either play, volunteer, or be a spectator to help support Street Soccer USA, which is the premier social enterprise in the United States using sports to make measurable social change in the lives of homeless and at-risk teens and young adults. 

Street Soccer USA Times Square NYC Cup info and RSVP:

Street Soccer USA Civic Center SF Cup info and RSVP:

Is there a better venue to play in the world then Times Square? Maybe Camp Nou, but as far as I know the only way I will ever end up playing on the field there will get me arrested with an extensive stay in Spanish jail. No thanks. Take this chance to play on the biggest stage, as you can still register a team to play in either NYC or SF in the corporate cup or the open cup. Get in on this ASAP while you still have the chance. If playing isn’t your thing, check out the opportunities to volunteer. It’s a great time with some great people and you are helping an incredible organization, so pretty much the best weekend ever. I did it last year and cannot recommend it enough.

If you are in NYC, take your shot at winning some great prizes by participating in the Street Soccer USA Instagram contest:

How to enter:
1) Follow us @StreetSoccerUSA on Instagram.
2) Re-gram the custom Times Square Cup images from @StreetSoccerUSA or @UniqloUSA
3) And, don’t forget to the hashtags: #TimesSquareCup #StreetSoccerUniqlo and #IPlayFor

Head over to now to get your entry in!

Don’t miss a chance to change lives this summer through your love of the beautiful game, make sure you hit up one of the Street Soccer USA Cups and help support those in need with your mediocre passing and slightly out of date goal celebrations. Register a team, RSVP to the Facebook event near you and be a part of one of the coolest events this summer.


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