USA 2, Honduras 1. Some thoughts and highlights after the first US Gold Cup 2015 match.

John Brooks was immense today, especially in the air. The number of crosses and corners he won was slightly ridiculous, especially in the last fifteen minutes. He looked comfortable on the ball and didn’t make any silly mistakes. He stepped up as his partner in the middle Ventura Alvarado struggled. Well done Johnny Futbol.

Is *NSYNC in charge of hair styles for Honduras?

honduran hair

For real though. This pic doesn’t even include the dude with the blonde Iman Shumpert look on the bench. Maybe they have a boy band side gig?

Wondo is not the answer as a sub when the US looks tired. He doesn’t create his own chances well, this is known. He didn’t hold the ball up well or really serve as an outlet either. Not sure why Jürgen Klinsmann didn’t go to Aron Jóhannsson, who is much better on the dribble and in tight spaces. This is probably the biggest tactical mistake in my mind.

Fabian Johnson is a beast. Straight up. His defense today was quite good, and he is a serious problem for teams when he gets forward. The US looks best when he has the ball running at players, because he can beat you off the dribble or with the killer pass, like he did to set up Yedlin in the second half.

Yedlin and Zardes on the field at the same time doesn’t seem to be working. The team looked disjointed in the midfield, likely because both Yedlin and Chandler were looking to get down the flank. It didn’t help that Yedlin was fouled repeatedly with no consequences for Honduras. Have to wonder if Alejandro Bedoya is not back at full strength yet, and if we will see him take the place of one of the two outside midfielders when he is. Yedlin seems best used as a super sub once teams are tired in the second half currently.

In case those Honduras highlights aren’t enough for you, here are the actual game highlights.

A parting fun fact:



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ryan on 2015/07/08 at 2:43 PM

    Even without Bedoya, it seems like they could do well to put Mix in for one of the flank players, put him on top of the diamond, and then shuffle around to an uneven diamond formation.

    Bradley nominally plays LM, but on offense floats to the center where he now has 3 players in front of him, a speedster to his right, and Fabian making runs from LB. On defense he maintains more positional responsibility on the left side in front of Fabian.

    It would require making sure not to give the ball away cheaply, particularly on the left hand side (although Beckerman can slide over to the left as Bradley pulls center), but gives our best player more opportunity to use his best skill of picking out offense weapons.


  2. Posted by Ufficio on 2015/07/10 at 7:53 PM

    This team has issues.


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